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What’s Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Yes, the Internet never forgets, but with Vanish Mode, the case might be a bit different. Now you no longer have to worry about the messages you send on IG remaining on the platform forever. With Instagram Vanish Mode, you get a more freeing experience as private chats can disappear as soon as they are read. Read on to understand Vanish Mode better and find answers to some of the feature’s concerns. 

What is Vanish Mode?

The privacy mode was first introduced on Facebook messenger two years ago, but it has now featured on IG. The feature allows you to enter a chat thread where messages are deleted automatically after the chat ends. Vanish Mode works just like the self-erasing feature on Snapchat but it will only work when you activate it manually. Besides, the Mode only works for chats between two people and not in group chats.

How to Activate Vanish Mode on Instagram

Follow these steps.

  1. Open your IG app 
  2. Click on the chat icon.
  3. Select an existing chat or start a thread with an individual.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the chat.
  5. Swipe up and release your finger to activate the Vanish Mode.

You’ll notice the screen turn dark, and a shushing emoji will drop to the bottom of the screen. Now you can proceed with your chat in the Vanish Mode. Note that your chat buddy will get a notification message that the feature is active in the conversation. 

You can always turn off the Mode by tapping on the “Turn Off Vanish Mode” option at the top of your screen. All messages will disappear once you close the chat window. Note that you’ll need to update to the latest Instagram version for the Vanish Mode to appear or work on your device. 

Points Worth Noting About Vanish Mode on Instagram

While not everyone understands how to use the Vanish Mode on Instagram, questions linger about the surety when sending explicit messages or gossips. You need to understand the complete functionality of the Mode to ensure you understand the dynamics. 

For instance, strangers may use this feature to send unsolicited messages in IG and make it hard to report or track them since they disappear immediately after leaving the chat. As a safety precaution, Instagram Vanish Mode only works for people who follow each other on the platform. 

Also, the Mode gives both people total control of the chat experience, so you can opt-in or decline the request to chat in Vanish Mode.

Note that even though the messages disappear after you close the chat, the chat buddy can take a screenshot and broadcast the image or text to other people. You’ll only get an immediate notification about the screenshot, but there’s nothing you can do about the screenshot now on their device. 

It’s crucial to ensure that the Vanish Mode is active before you start chatting, as any messages you send without activating the Mode will appear just like any other message and may remain permanent. 

Why Use the Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Vanish Mode is best for you if you worry much about snoopers checking your chats or if you just want to have a private conversation with another IG user. The feature also allows you to break out of your e-shell and express yourself freely without the fear of oversharing, as all the stickers, text, and memes you share disappear as soon as you end the chat.

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