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What Sports Lovers Can Do When There are No Sports

Times like this are, without a doubt, some of the most difficult for sports lovers all around the world. It is, of course, a tough time for everybody – regardless of sports affiliation. The Coronavirus is spreading fast and everyone is trying to make sure they remain as safe as possible.

In our quest for optimal social distancing and self-isolation, however, we tend to find ourselves bored out of our minds and in need of something – anything – to do.

Curated below are some activities in which avid sports lovers can find solace during these trying times. Nothing will ever compare to the thrill of watching your favorite team hash it out against your rivals, but, for now, these options will have to suffice.

1. Virtual Reality

What’s the next best thing after reality? You guessed it, virtual reality. And when the reality isn’t exactly the most appealing, what do we turn to? You guessed right again – virtual reality!

Thanks to the continuous advancement of the technology, the potential when it comes to what can be done with it are pretty limitless, from going on a ski trip to fighting aliens to relaxing in exotic places – and even watching and playing a sports game, Virtual Reality is exactly what is needed at this moment.

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There is also the option of Virtual Reality gaming and simulations, which, sometimes, can be just as fun and thrilling as the real thing.

2. Sports Betting

Sports betting is another way for sports lovers to while away the time during the current no-sports period we found ourselves in. But how, you ask, are sports lovers to find sports to bet on when no sports are being played?

Well, first of all, there are certain sports still in play in some countries that are not as infected by the virus, and also, there are other options apart from live events to bet on, and example of these are virtual reality, as mentioned above, simulations, and other options as can be found in details in this Bovada review by Kristiyan.

3. Indoor Sports

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, what sports lovers can do when there are no sports, gaming

Another option for sports lovers seeking to keep themselves occupied is indoor sports. Yes, it may not be as thrilling as watching your favorite team play, but it still offers its fair share of advantages. First, you get to be engaged physically and psychologically, which is a great thing to do when one is bored, and also you get to exercise your body and do what you love.

And even though social distancing is a phenomenon right now, there are indoor games that don’t require too many participants and can be played with a few feet of separation between each player, such as table tennis, for example.

4. Social Media

Finally, here comes the most obvious solution on our list for sports lovers without anything to do during this period – social media! Social media can be quite comforting during a crisis. Yes, there are jerks and trolls on there, but there are also good friends willing to help and keep us company.

And not to mention the numerous strangers with their constant supply of memes and good humor. And then, of course, there’s the fact that even our favorite sports stars use social media, and through this we can keep up, interact, and watch previous highlights to keep us entertained and keep our love intact.


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