What New Business Owners Need to Know About Marketing Legally

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Currently, this is the evolution of AI, and theres such a grey area about this that people are questioning. Now, AI is massively changing how people do marketing and content creation, you name it. Honestly, it’s incredible what it can do, and it’s just amazing what types of marketing tools have been created over the last few years. However, with that said, even though there’s this grey area with AI in marketing (and content generation in general), you also have to keep in mind the grey area is due to the legal standpoint.

AI is being fed data online, data that a lot of people haven’t even given their permission to access. On top of that, if you used AI to create something, is it even yours? It’s hard to answer that there’s a lack of laws on a global scale. But with that said, if you’re a new business owner and you’re working on your content strategy, you still need to be cautious- this isn’t even about AI. Generally speaking, so many new business owners make mistakes when starting out, even with their marketing strategy.

But the thing is, if you’re too careless, you could even get into some legal trouble!  Honestly, the last thing you’re going to want (especially with it just being you and a tiny business) is to have legal troubles the size of the ones that Michael Kassan has to deal with right now. So that’s why you need to be careful. But what are you expected to consider and know when it comes to legally complying when creating your content? Well, here’s what you really have to know!

Be Truthful in Your Advertising

When you’re spreading the word about your business, it’s tempting to paint a picture that’s a little rosier than reality. But remember, honesty is the best policy- generic, sure, but it’s still for the best. But in all seriousness, you have to be sure that all your marketing claims are truthful, backed up by evidence, and not misleading to your potential customers. After all, building trust is the cornerstone of any successful business.

Respect Intellectual Property

You can’t use other people’s content without their permission; there’s the fair use policy, but even then, it can still be a bit challenging. It’s honestly as simple as just avoiding using copyrighted material without permission, which means that you need to steer clear of trademark infringements and always give credit where credit is due. It’s not just about staying out of legal trouble—it’s about doing the right thing. Even using someone else’s image in your content could mean a DMCA takedown, or worse, just don’t do it; it’s not worth it!

You Need to Understand Regulations

“I don’t know” just doesn’t cut it, and a lack of knowledge will not help. You need to understand the regulations that are out there. They include lawsuits, fines, and anything else that would destroy your business. It’s a serious read. Regulations may not be the most exciting part of running a business, but they’re crucial to understand.

So, it usually varies from industry to industry, and there’s a chance you may be subject to specific regulations governing advertising practices, product claims, and more. You have to know these front and back, and it might help to get a lawyer too or a legal expert.

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