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What is Owlet?

Are you a first-time mom? Are you a first time father? Are you looking for a partner that will help you watch over your baby when they are asleep? Have you been looking through baby monitor reviews but still aren’t able to decide what the best option is? Well, look no farther. Owlet is here to help.

What is Owlet?

Owlet is a baby care organization that promises to present you with technologies that will help you with your parenting roles through every stage of your newborn’s life. In addition, the company uses innovations to help you monitor your newborns to understand their needs through every milestone better.

What does Owlet do?

Owlet promises to present its customer segments with innovations that help in monitoring their babies’ progress. Products like the Owlet Smart Sock 3, the Owlet Cam, and the Owlet Cam Monitor will help you see, hear, and know your baby’s progress without hustles.

The tech firm uses its innovations to identify the best indicators for your young one’s overall health. The gadgets used will notify you any time your baby needs your attention without delays.

Apart from presenting customers with award-winning technologies, Owlet also offers helpful parenting information and tips while proactively notifying you whenever your baby needs your attention.

What products does it sell?

Owlet presents its customers with technologies meant to keep track of their children’s progress when sleeping. Here is a comprehensive list of the products and technologies offered by Owlet:

#1 Owlet Smart Sock

A baby monitor is meant to monitor your baby and notify you of the things that matter and when they count. The Smart Sock is designed to monitor your child’s heart rate, sleep trends, and oxygen levels.

The product comes with

  • Two fabric socks
  • Smart sock sensor
  • A base station
  • Charging cords
  • The Owlet App

#2 The Owlet Cam

The Owlet Cam is an intelligent HD video baby monitor designed to give you a total view of your child from any location. The Owlet Cam is designed to stream HD 1080p videos with encrypted Wi-Fi connectivity, night vision, and two-way audio.

#3 The Dream Lab

The Dream Lab is an online, personalized guide to your baby’s sleep. This is the sleep training program you must look for if you are a new or expectant parent.

#4 Accessories

Owlet presents you with a range of accessories to help you with your parenting tasks. Here is the list of additional products sold by Owlet:

  • Owlet Sleep Sack
  • Cam wall mounting kit
  • Gift cards
  • Cam charging set

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