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What is Fluent?

There are a wide variety of learning applications present on the market. The advent of these learning applications and popularity may be owed to a mixture of boredom, globalization, and technological advancements.

When it comes to learning new languages through digital tools, Duolingo’s name stands front and center. But when you are at work or browsing leisurely on your computer, using language learning apps is the last thing on your mind. 

That is where the Fluent Chrome extension comes into the picture.

Here is what you need to know about the Fluent Chrome Extension and how it can be relevant to you.

Where the Fluent Chrome Extension Comes In

How does the Fluent Chrome extension work?

By highlighting random words to translate into your learning language on any website that you visit, the extension builds up your vocabulary and language comprehension. 

But knowing what is Fluent goes far beyond terming it as a random word translator. It is because Fluent not only highlights random words in English to translate to your targeted language, but also lets you guess the correct word among different options.

By going through multiple options for each translation, you can learn how to use the pertinent word fluently and in a way that it fits into the rest of the sentence. This makes Fluent a highly interesting as well as effective tool to learn new languages – all while performing your usual browsing activities. 

Fluent Supports Several Languages

At the time of writing, Fluent supports word translations in French, Spanish, and Italian. This gives you the flexibility to learn multiple languages at once or simply focus on a single language that you want to master at your own terms. The Fluent team plans to add more languages, for which it takes active votes on the most popular languages that could come to the platform.

Fluent is Available on Prominent Browsers

Fluent is currently available on Chrome, Edge, and Brave. But it plans to bring the Fluent Chrome extension to other popular browsers such as Firefox and Safari. The Fluent extension is also offered through a 15-day free trial without the requirement of a credit card. Once the trial period is over, you can move forward with paying for the service.

Pricing and General Options

Fluent is available for $7/month. But if you opt for annual billing, you can enjoy a discount and get the service for $70/year. A lifetime license is also available for $250. For now, the option to join a call, provide feedback, and get Fluent for free is also on the table.

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