Disney is Launching An Ad Supported Tier

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The next frontier is the same as the old frontier for Disney. The firm is back to ads to increasing revenues. That’s a move to stay competitive with current offerings on the market. It also lets Disney bring about more accessibility across its streaming offerings.

The Disney + Ad Streaming Roll Out

Disney + is adding a new tier to its streaming offerings. The media and entertainment company recently launched its ad-supported subscription tier option in the United States. It will have over 100 advertising partners that will be present in this offering.

Subscribers can find plan options for packages that range from the Disney Bundle to Hulu as well. This means that the company is striving to offer more options to people to opt into the streaming service. This is a move similar to Netflix and other entities in the space like Paramount Plus who have opted to roll out ad supported options to enable more accessibility to content.

“Today’s launch marks a milestone moment for Disney+ and puts consumer choice at the forefront,” said Michael Paull, president, Direct to Consumer. “With these new ad-supported offerings, we’re able to deliver greater flexibility for consumers to enjoy the full breadth and depth of incredible storytelling from The Walt Disney Company.”

Rita Fero, the president of Disney Advertising also commented on this important accomplishment for Disney.

“Today we welcome Disney+ with ads to the largest, most diverse and impactful portfolio in the industry,” said Rita Ferro, president, Disney Advertising. “We are committed to connecting our clients to the best storytelling in the world while delivering innovation and viewer-first experiences in streaming now and in the future.”

Access to Compelling Content for A Lower Price

What will Disney + Basic subscribers be able to access with this plan?

Disney notes that Disney + Basic subscribers will be able to access its full catalog essential features that are present on its premium plan.

But what does that mean exactly for subscribers?

Subscribers can access exclusive originals and library content, have 7 profiles, concurrent viewing (stream content on up to 4 support devices), and great video formats.

If you are a Disney + subscriber currently,  you can opt in and purchase the Disney + Basic plan for $7.99 per month.


What do you think about the Disney + Basic plan? Are you interested in switching to it? Or will you stick with the premium plan and avoid ads while you watch your favorite content?

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