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What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is a section of the visible light spectrum. It takes about a third of all visible light, with a majority coming from sunlight. However, artificial lights (LEDs, Fluorescent lights, TVs, PCs, tablets, Smartphones, etc.) also emit blue light.

Blue Light Hazards and Benefits

Blue light is not all bad. There are several health benefits associated with this light ranging from memory boost to mood elevation. Above all, we need the sun more than any other light. Nonetheless, too much exposure to the blue light would be catastrophic. The human eye is not that resilient when it comes to blue light allowing almost every visible blue light pass through the front sections (lens, cornea) into the retina. A continued exposure could damage your retina and possibly cause vision problems. The exposure can also lead to growths, cancer, or cataracts on the clear part of the eye. 

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Blue filters would help protect the eye and maintain the visibility of your device’s display. Also, control your interaction with personal devices maintaining a safe posture and distance in front of the screen. Your doctor can guide you better on everything regarding blue light and safe exposure to sunlight.  


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