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What Are NES Clones and Should You Buy One Over a Real NES?

Worry no more if you still want to play your old games but can’t afford an original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). You can opt for NES clones which offer the same experience. However, you need to understand some slight differences between the NES clone and the real NES before making your purchase.  

What are NES Clones?

Usually, patents for game consoles only last for 20 years, and since NES launched in 1983, the patent expired around 2003. So, chances are most people no longer have the NES console to play their collection of games. Here, the clones come in.

NES clones are modern-day consoles that are compact, reliable, and can play the original cartridges. In other words, you can enjoy your classic Nintendo games decades after they were first released. Besides, you can easily find the NES clones in the market as they are made by different companies, including Retro-bit, Hyperkin, and Nintendo itself. The availability of these consoles serves as a promotion for Nintendo as releases of physical and digital classic games are quickly absorbed by consumers. 

Do I Buy an NES Clone or A Real NES?

It all depends on you. If you’re new to NES and its classic games, you better opt for the NES clone. The wide variety of accessories that NES clones support makes it the best for you, especially if you’re on a budget. If you’ve lost your original hardware but still want to play your old video game, all hope is not lost. NES clones are more affordable than the original NES and still support the original games. 

However, if you grew up with the original NES and are obsessed with the original sound quality, graphics, and look that the original console offers, purchasing an original NES would be beneficial. The original NES will also allow you to stream your video games, but the process will be a bit complex compared to an NES clone with an HDMI port. 

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