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Ways to Geekify Your Fourth of July This Year

by Amanda Straight

The traditional festivities for Independence Day can be exciting, but maybe it leaves your geeky side feeling a bit suppressed. If the typical cookout and fireworks show isn’t going to cut it for you this year, then spice it up with some of these geeky ideas! 

Celebrate America With the Ultimate Patriot

Whose that? Why Captain America, of course. After all, he’s sported tights resembling the American flag throughout comics, TV shows, and movies alike and totally got away with it. No one is his equal when it comes to combining geek with our most patriotic holiday – so take advantage!

Binge Watch the Movies

This may be a more daunting task than it seems. Sure you could just watch the Captain America trilogy and call it a Fourth of July well spent. But the most patriotic of geeks won’t be able to pass up watching the Avengers movies, as well, and get the total Captain America package. 

Put the Cap in a Cocktail

Beer may be a drink beloved by Americans, but it’s also boring! Add some color to your adult beverage, and whip up something based off the star-spangled Avenger. This website gives a decent instructional on how you can go about creating your drink. You can take it one step further and make cocktails based off some of the Cap’s Avenger buddies following the video below. 

Captain America Photo Op


Put out some Captain America props at your get together, and watch the magic happen! Adults and children alike won’t be able to resist striking a pose. Just make sure you have your camera at the ready!

Recreate The Sandlot Fireworks Scene

Every movie buff knows The Sandlot is a classic American movie featuring America’s favorite pastime. The Fourth of July scene is one of the more memorable ones from the movie and super easy to recreate. No need to pull out the ball gloves (unless that’s your sort of thing). Just play “America the Beautiful” by Ray Charles, crank up the volume and enjoy a fireworks show. Maybe later you can share a round of tequila to another song from The Sandlot Soundtrack: “Tequila” by the Champs. Skip the chew, though, unless you want to end up like Smalls and the gang during the scene in which that song is played…

Digital Fireworks Count

For those geeks who’d prefer to enjoy their holiday in front of their TV, no need to skip out on the traditional festivities altogether. Create your own fireworks by taking a run through Super Mario World. Saving a princess and watching a romantic heart-shaped firework display seems like as good a way as any to spend the Fourth. Take turns playing the levels with a bunch of your friends and make it a party!

Have a Movie Marathon

If video games aren’t your thing, then there are plenty of movies suitable to entertain you this Fourth of July. You’re certainly not limited to Captain America or The Sandlot. If you’re a history buff, maybe The Patriot or National Treasure might be up your alley. For you Sci-fi fans, celebrate the Force of July and pick out your favorite Star Wars movies to watch. Or what could be more fitting than putting on Independence Day and reciting your favorite one-liners along with Will Smith? As a bonus, he does promise you fireworks.

Have a great and geeky Fourth of July this year!

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