Watchair smart antenna, cut the cord

WatchAir Smart Antenna Let’s You Cut the Cord

Watch air smart antenna, cut the cord

Everyone’s talking about how to cut the cord these days and that will become even more appealing to you cable watchers with WatchAir hitting the market soon. It’s a wireless smart antenna for your home that offers HDTV signal as well as your local channels. You can also stream your shows on your phone, tablet, PC, etc. anywhere in your house. There is a 60 mile reception coverage with this antenna. The sleek design appeals to even the most tech savvy individual. An important feature of WatchAir is the ability to record your shows. You will have up to 5 hours of built in TV recording time and you can easily plug in a Micro SD card if you need more space to record. You can preorder WatchAir for $186. When you consider that rising monthly cable bill, it’s a no brainer.


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