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Virtual Reality For Chronic Pain

Have you heard about virtual reality for chronic pain? If you did not hear about virtual reality therapy for chronic pain, you are not alone. Most people think of entertainment when they think about virtual reality. Indeed, it is easy to think about gaming, and the value virtual reality could have for other forms of entertainment, but it can promise so much more.

There is a current interest in alternative therapies for mental health, chronic pain and other issues. For instance, you can notice a rising interest in CBD, mushroom oriented tablets and medicine, and other types of alternative therapies. This interest in alternative therapies can be due to a wide variety of factors from the rise in the costs of traditional medicine to the desire to approach system care with holistically.

Whatever the case may be virtual reality therapy for chronic pain will certainly be a growing trend in the near future if it continues to show astounding results.

Here is what you need to know about virtual reality for chronic pain and how it can provide benefits to you in the near future.

AppliedVR and Virtual Reality for Chronic Pain

AppliedVR is a virtual reality platform company present within the Los Angeles area. The firm works to present an immersive, three-dimensional virtual world to simulate different environments. One of these use cases relates to the world of pain relief.

The firm has been around for over seven years and is making slow and steady progress. It has only raised seed funding to pursue its mission of implementing VR in the healthcare sector on a large scale. It has a small but robust team of around four or five people that take care of different activities that relate to overall growth.

By tapping into existing accessories like goggles and headsets, it can help minimize pains that occur within the body due to various situations. These situations can range from those pains one can have from a burn situation to that of cancer relief.

The firm, AppliedVR is off to a great start, with the fact that it is collaborating with more than 170 hospitals to offer its platform and helps patients to minimize their suffering during extended stays in the hospital.

It is no surprise that the firm is working with organizations like the VA to help individuals transition into a different form of reality as they deal with their sickness.

The core idea is to have VR as a substitute for addictive pharmaceutical pain killers. What else do you need to know about virtual reality for chronic pain?

Changes in Healthcare Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is no surprise if the startup sees more growth over these next few months due to the different changes taking place in healthcare. We are witnessing a rise in telehealth services like Livongo and its parent company, Teladoc.

Social distancing and safety precautions make it to where the right startups can cater to home-based care needs and see more potential adoption amid these trying times.

Indeed, AppliedVR seeks to conduct more tests, research, and due diligence on the matter of home-based virtual reality therapy to manage pain.

Suppose more participants in the AppliedVR research program can see results in decreasing their pain intensity levels by virtually swimming in an ocean or being at a different scenic location. In that case, it can change the game for pain relief. It can do so in more ways than one. For instance, could VR therapy for chonic pain help to minimize costs in managing pain? These costs can range from immediate monetary costs due to medicines and other forms of pain relief care but what about the costs related to the overall quality of life?







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