Virtual gaming revolution continuing to develop

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual sports sphere was a relatively untouched market, with hardened punters often the key target market for virtual gaming production teams.

As the world came to a relative standstill in 2020 however, the need and want to keep betting on sporting action became more pertinent and virtual gaming came to the fore.

With regular sporting action having to be postponed over fears for player and fan safety during the COVID-19 era, being able to watch and bet on a sporting event at home, became the new norm for many betting fans.

Virtual sports were able to showcase all of their talents too, with key factors such as accessibility and variety attracting new punters to the world of virtual gaming.

Much like esports, virtual gaming has been one of the fastest growing industries within the sport betting sphere over the past 3 years and whilst the COVID-19 pandemic looks to be coming to an end, the legacy of virtual gaming is showing no sign of slowing.

Developments within the virtual gaming sphere in recent months have centered round variety, with game producers and online sportsbooks looking to give punters maximum option when it comes to sports betting through the virtual sphere.

Virtual horse racing was the first sport that really took hold within the world of virtual sports, with punters able to bet on the outcome of a computerized horse race.

Statistical data and analysis was then added to the game, with fictional horses and jockeys having each race they ran recorded, creating a vortex for fans to call upon when choosing who to back in a virtual race – much like traditional horse racing in New Jersey and other U.S. states with pari mutuel wagering. The concept of racing games quickly took hold in the virtual world, with equivalent races taking place in the world of greyhound racing, cycling and speedway – testament once again to the variety that comes as part of the virtual gaming industry.

With the global pandemic putting a stop to pretty much all sporting activity, invasion games made a successful transition into the virtual sphere – with punters able to bet on a virtual sports fixture, in much the same way they could in a real life one.

Football, basketball and soccer matches all became a reality in the world of virtual sport, with leagues and cups available for punters to get stuck into.

Live betting within the virtual sphere became a possibility too, giving punters a wealth of opportunity when betting on virtual sport that had never been available before.

Whilst the advent and increase in popularity in virtual gaming happened because of a global 

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