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How You Can Use Linkedin’s New AI Tools to Enhance Your Profile

Linkedin has been using artificial intelligence to incrementally improve the platform. 

The business oriented social media platform primarily relied on artificial intelligence or automation tools to build and operate its network. But now, Linkedin, now owned by Microsoft, is going to bring AI capabilities directly to users.

These tools are likely to benefit users as it can help them to potentially stand out on the platform.

Here is what you need to know about Linkedin’s AI tool and how to use it to enhance your profile.

What Are These New Linkedin AI Tools?

These tools will fall under the generative AI domain. These simple tools will enable Linkedin users to create job listings, update profiles, and conduct similar actions to meet their desired objectives.

Job seekers will find AI suggestions that will help them enhance specific sections of their profiles. The core idea here is to cut down on the time needed to showcase accomplishments. These efficiencies help to create more time to do other activities like adding to skill sets and refining objectives.

Remember that Linkedin is owned by Microsoft, the same company that has a significant stake in OpenAI, the company behind the wildly popular ChatGPT. Further, it is essential to remember that Microsoft has also started to integrate GPT into Bing, its search engine.

Is the Linkedin Tool Perfect?

While the firm is deploying these tools, it is noting that it is necessary to review to ensure that everything does appear to be correct. 

The Tools Roll Out To Premium Members First

These new tools will roll out to premium or paid members first. It is rolling it out to a subset of these users and then will roll it out to the wider premium audience over the year.

To reiterate, it will have tools for both job seekers and job posters to enhance the overall experiences.

At the same time, the company is also adding AI courses to its Linkedin Learning to help individuals have a better idea of how to adopt AI in their professional lives. These courses are available to all until June 15, 2023, after that, it is available to those that subscribe to Linkedin Learning.

The firm is also planning on rolling out more courses to those on its platform to help them get ready for the future of work.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about these changes and additions? Have you started using AI tools? Which one’s are compelling?

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