7 Online Tools to Manage Your Business Operations Better in 2023

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What similarities do small business owners or conglomerate kings share? Both have a tough time managing multiple business operations simultaneously. Thanks to digitalization, we now have access to several tools that streamline processes, saving time and resources. Depending on the need of the hour, you must use a specialized business tool and put it into practice. 

A well-equipped online business tool is a must-have in your company, as it does the following:

  • Automates time-consuming tasks
  • Monitors employees and their behaviors
  • Tracks the status of all projects
  • Engages with clients
  • Predicts risks
  • Scales business faster. 

7 top business tools for effective business management

Business management tools have come a long way to simplify things for anyone running a business. Therefore, these days, many people aren’t hesitant to use advanced solutions that speed up work, predict risks, and improve overall operational efficiency. The best management software used across industries are:

  1. TravelPerk for corporate travel management
Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 7 online tools to manage your business operations better in 2023, business

TravelPerk is a next-gen travel management business tool that is redefining corporate traveling. It’s understandable that people in your company will be going on business trips for events or meetings. The topmost priority these days is a tool that plans end-to-end travel with an extra gear of security so that people have a pleasant experience and TravelPerk fits the bill for that. 

Over 5000 companies use TravelPerk for their travels and the following features are a testament to its massive demand and usage:

  • Accurate planning from one place to the other
  • Real-time tracking of your travel budget in which you can also calculate your per diem allowance
  • Approximately 30% reduction in prices and other expenditures 
  • User-friendly design and UI for convenient usage
  • Full-time customer care team which can adjust travel to adapt to your requirements.

2. Flodesk for email marketing

Flodesk is widely known as an effective tool for email marketing. It’s an easy-to-use and promising tool for small business owners to include in their campaigns. The main highlight of this tool is its designs and templates. When you start off with email marketing, you need to have prints, colors and fonts that attract your audience and Flodesk does that. 

Flodesk has an easy-to-use email builder, along with features like the following that make it a preferred option in the market. 

  • Unlimited subscribers and emails
  • Easy creation of sign-up forms
  • Automated email sequencing
  • Fixed price per month, without any restriction on the email list size
  • Drag-and-drop email builder.

3. LightSpeed for inventory management

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 7 online tools to manage your business operations better in 2023, business

Managing inventory is almost like a herculean task for most businesses. Staying updated and maintaining checks at regular intervals is a must-do process within all companies. Taking account of inventory, whether it’s via your online store or offline store, becomes coherent when you use a business tool like LightSpeed. 

LightSpeed is essentially used by businesses in the hospitality or retail industry. It offers a premium range of features for a slightly higher price, but it’s worth it because it comes with features like:

  • Processing and completing operations on the application
  • Systematic creation of inventory depending on its material, sizing, and more
  • Customizable features that can be changed as per the need of the customers
  • Easy tracking of inventory across multiple locations in real-time
  • Also suited for stores with multi-site locations. 

4. Happy Scribe for accurate transcription

As businesses spread their wings and hire talent from various locations across the globe, rightly communicating and understanding them could be an issue. Enter in, Happy Scribe, which uses automatic speech recognition engines to create subtitles and complete transcriptions. It works with over 120 languages, accents, and dialects, making it an important tool for businesses of all sizes. 

Happy Scribe is used by businesses that deal with audio and video content on daily basis. If you conduct meetings with your global team, using the subtitle generator is a must so that people understand what you’re conveying without any linguistic barriers. Some of its notable features are:

  • Quick transcribing and subtitling
  • Availability in 120 languages 
  • Multi-mode speaker identification
  • Easy sharing and collaboration
  • Can integrate with a wide variety of applications. 

5. Leapsome for human resource management

Your most impactful resource in business operations is your workforce. If they don’t work to their fullest potential, your business operations will take a hit. From scheduling to workload planning, you need tools to handle your team. Leapsome is an all-in-one platform to understand employees’ expectations and behavior and build a thriving company culture

Leapsome takes care of the following aspects of your business that not only empower employee engagement but also build a successful company. 

  • Performance reviews
  • Feedback 
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Employee onboarding
  • Meeting scheduling, and more. 

6. Slack for communication and collaboration

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 7 online tools to manage your business operations better in 2023, business

For team collaboration and communication, Slack is an amazing tool that helps you in managing teams within the company and worldwide. Establishing communication channels with everyone will help you in conveying your expectations and business objectives. Data transfer and different modes of connecting with your employees, colleagues, and investors is possible when you use Slack as a business tool.

With remote working and hybrid working prevailing in the marketplace, it’s wise to use tools like Slack to prepare for the future. You can be assured of the quality of work, despite of the locations of your coworkers. With screen-sharing facilities and other customizable features, Slack ensures that each person in the company is on the same page concerning all ongoing projects and processes. 

7. nTask for project management

Project management tools are a must in businesses that handle multiple projects and tasks at once. For companies in their nascent stages and solopreneurs, a project management tool like nTask will make it easy. Some of the benefits of using a project management tool are:

  • Automatic and timely reminders of upcoming events
  • Constant updates to everyone on the team concerning the status of the project
  • Optimal utilization of the budget determined by the tool. 

nTask is a tool that needs some level of training before everyone in your company knows how to use it. Features like time tracking and project risks make it a perfect time, considering the minimal price you’ll have to pay for its premium version. Its 250,000+ users are proof that it’s always time for you to try and see for yourself.

3 reasons for using online management tools for your business

“Modern problems require modern solutions.” As a business owner, you may wonder why you need specialized tools in your company. Most of the time, you need an extra hand that creates order from chaos and improves the output of your company. Online tools are exactly what you need in today’s scenario if you wish to see your company stand higher than competitors and attract and retain more users. A few benefits of using tools like TravelPerk, Slack, Flodesk, and more are:

  1. Good business tools help in saving time. The extra time you have at hand can be used to improve those aspects of the business which will upgrade the value of your company. 
  2. Management tools are tech-forward and understand trends better than before. Whether it’s remote working or upskilling employees, they have the best interests of the company, its people and its customers at heart and provide appropriate solutions. 
  3. Online tools reduce short-term and long-term expenses in the following ways:
  • Improving the number of users and retaining them
  • Providing insights on cashflow and developing sureshot ways of increasing it
  • Avoiding loss of valuable information with document management and project management tools
  • Increasing the productivity and dedication of your employees. 

Online tools FTW vis-a-vis business management

Management tools that boost your company’s business revenue also play a huge role in upskilling you and your employees. If it’s dealing with project uncertainty, missed deadlines, communication breakdown, or safe business trips, these tools will be your best friend in times of need. Ultimately, we all wish to see companies reaching new heights and employees being happier, which is only possible with well-planned management systems. 

By B Naomi Grace

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