Galaxy s4 vs galaxy s3

Updated Samsung Galaxy S3 could Arrive Soon After Galaxy S4

Galaxy S3 Plus/Advance?

Samsung is reportedly working on an advanced variant of the Galaxy S3 to join its latest flagship device, Galaxy S4. According to the latest reports via Eldar Murtazin, the Russian tech blogger, the new and updated variant of the Galaxy S3, could launch with enhanced internals to keep the current flagship phone alive for a longer time; and keep it viable for people who are not interested in its successor the Galaxy S4 – who wouldn’t be interested?

In its updated internals are said to be an improved and much better display, a bigger 2,400mAh battery and best of all, built-in support for wireless charging. Although, these details are far from official, and we have no idea if the new wireless charging would be compatible with the Qi charging standards. Well, the odds are better considering a Samsung Qi wireless charger did recently pass through the FCC.

If there’s any truth to the report then we wouldn’t be surprised at all because Samsung has previously shipped slightly better variants of its flagships to the Android world, the same happened with the first flagship phone, the Galaxy S; where the company released not one but two updated variants of the device, Galaxy S Plus and Galaxy S Advance just a few weeks after it started shipping the Galaxy S2 globally.

Galaxy S3 Plus or Galaxy S4: Which one would you choose?

This type of strategy allows the Korean giant to maintain the position for its slightly older hardware against other mid-range devices from its rivals, and also helps it keep milking more cash out of older models, thanks to the popularity of its Galaxy S range of devices. If you’re looking for the latest hardware and greatest software features, then you should keep your attention totally focused on the Mighty Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 is rumored to feature so many enhancements in both hardware and software including a new display known as “PHOLED” that is reported to be better than typical AMOLED displays, and even 25% brighter than AMOLED. It is also reported to feature eye-tracking feature that will allow touchless gestures – sounds pretty incredible right? Well, of course it is. Watch our live coverage of the Galaxy S4 launch event to get first hand details about Samsung’s upcoming beast of a smartphone.


According to Eldar Murtazin’s follow up tweets (As you can see in the image above – please don’t mind the weird grammar as it has been translated from Russian) Samsung is actually not going to announce the updated Galaxy S3 now, so maybe it will come out after a few weeks it starts shipping the Galaxy S4.

Eldar Murtazin is a pretty reliable source for Samsung’s secret news and reports, he was the one to accurately predict the Galaxy S4’s launch event date, couple of days before even Samsung announced it.

Do you think this strategy for refreshing older models with a couple of extra features would work for Samsung? Would you prefer having a Galaxy S3 instead of the latest Galaxy S4? Let us know.