Hottest web design and ui trends

Up Your Design Game: Hottest Web Design and UI Trends of 2020

The year 2020 is definitely a trend-setter when it comes to incorporating unique and flashy visuals within website design. Whether it is the use of minimalist white spaces or the depth and clarity of dark themes, there are endless opportunities to establish your digital footprint with the latest trends in latest trends in website design.

If you are looking for some creative inspiration before starting the arduous process of revamping your website, we have compiled a list of the hottest web design and user interface trends of 2020, so you don’t miss out on anything!

Whiteboard Background

The classic whiteboard style has two traits that make it superdesirable for both designers and website users: minimalism, and the quality to highlight important content without letting it get overshadowed by other visual elements. 

Minimalism has become a very popular trend the past few years withmore and more people adopting the style within their websites. While we are spending a heap of resources to curate the best web content for our users, unlessit is not presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way, allthis time and effort can go to waste. This is where white spaces become important, they allow readers to focus on the content that matters, rather than getting lost within other overwhelming visual elements.

Revolutionizing Typed Text

When it comes to typography, there are no established syntax or rules except for one: you can manipulate the appearance of the text on your website in any way you want to, justas long as it doesn’t affect readability. New and modern websites are now starting to make use of this creative freedomhelpingto redefine their digital outlook.

The use of eccentric typography can help to addcharacter to your web design, along with making your branding look very premium. Whether it’s unbalanced sizing, line spacing, or inverted characters, there are infinite dimensions to this design trend.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

People want to buy brands and businesses that offer solutions that resonate with them and their emotions.Visual elements are a popular way to appeal to users viewing a site and one popular trend is using hand-drawn illustrations. Often adding a personal touch to a website which cannot always be achieved with other forced drawings and images as they appear as unnatural. The best traitwith hand-drawn illustrations is that they show the imagination and creativity behind the marketing of a product or service. This is precisely why illustrations are a sought-after design trend in 2020.

Water-like Animations

Animations are an integral part of any website because they can offer efficient calls-to-actionwhilecreating a pleasant experience for users. If you are looking to engage in people landing on your site and alluring them to stay on your site for longer, then water-like animations can prove extremely effective.Animations that liquify visual elements have the ability to provide serenity, drawing users to enjoy being on the website and entice them to interact with the design. 

Audio Design

While it is true that people aren’t a fan of sound blurting out when they open up a web page, sound design is still trending as a sophisticated web design trend. 

Expert designers recommend that the consent of online users is important before playing the integrated audio playback. The audio experience can allow you to be much more detailed compared to using just text, and this gives designers the option to add a variety of media to personalize the message of a service or product.

Another feature of using audio design is its accessibility. If you are looking to unlock a consumer market beyond a language barrier, then adding an audio experience to your website is one popular way to proceed.

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