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Undistressed Damsel: Cersei Lannister

With all the distressed damsels out there, it seemed only fair to focus on the women in Geekdom that are much more concerned with saving themselves, that with scoring Prince Charming.

This week- Cersei Lannister.

Cersei 1
Creator: George R.R. Martin, or as we call him in our house “The dude that just needs to finish the books!”

For a start, we should be referring to her as Cersei Baratheon, but exactly how many times have you heard someone do that in an unofficial manner? Never. Lady is so hardcore that even set in a medieval style world, where women are just property to be  bartered, she keeps her own last name, at least in the minds of those around her.



Spoiler Alert:

If you’ve only seen the television series of Game Of Thrones, if you have not finished the books so far, then please don’t read on. Trust me, when I tell you, that any tidbits of information and major plot developtments of Cersei Lannister should be discovered by reading the work of George R.R. Martin or to a lesser extent watching HBO.

Whenever the discussion as to which lady is the most hardcore in ASOIAF (A Song of Ice and Fire) most people overlook Cersei Lannister. You can’t blame them, but I do, for opting for the more obvious choices. But even when we narrow it down to “The most hardcore blondes of ASOIAF” people just get all teary about how wonderful Daenarys Targaryen is.

Cersei Lannister is cruel, conniving and power hungry. But at least she’s honest with herself about it.

Cersei 2

While all the other women in the books are pretty much just trying to do what is ‘right’ and what is ‘good’, Cersei is doing what needs to be done to keep her children alive and safe. Don’t believe me? How many of Cersei’s children have been killed/left to fend for themselves compared with Catelyn Stark’s? If we’re going on survival rates alone, I’d choose to be a Lannister any day of the week.

Cersei Lannister orchestrated the death of Robert Baratheon, which was probably more good than bad when it comes to ‘Things That Happen In Westeros’.

Robert Baratheon was a terrible king who only survived as long as he did on the throne because of Lannister gold. Cersei killed him off, not because he beat and abused her on a regular basis. Not because he cheated on her. She killed him because her children were in danger. She managed to do what not even Rhaegar Targaryen could do.

(You’ll remember, by the way, that Rhaegar Targaryen fought bravely, Rhegar fought nobly and Rhaegar died. The same cannot be said for his cousin Robert Baratheon).

Sure, she could do with a bit more forsight and a little less wine, but given what she’s dealing with, I think she’s coping incredibly well. Consider for a moment, that if she had been born a boy, she could well have been king. Her ambition and drive, her commitment to doing what needs to be done, would have been applauded in Westeros. Yet, she’s born as a woman and so meets resistance that wouldn’t exist if she were male. She then falls into the ‘Lady MacBeth’ slightly crazy role.

But who cares?

Cersei 3
Sure, I’m against her Anti-Stark policy, but totally get her Pro-Jaime policy!

She devestates the Tyrells in a manner as cruel as it is clever. Even the Red Viper is scared of her and this is a dude who actually wants to go one-on-one with The Mountain, but Cersei Lannister? Nooooo way.

She even walks naked through a main street of King’s Landing. And this isn’t all Lady Gudivyver, she doesn’t have hair or horse to hide what she’s got. Is she ashamed? Is she sorry? Does she feel too concerned with the stretch marks on her body? Hells no. She’s a tiger and those are her stripes!

Yes, when the Gods tossed the coin it landed on the crazy side when Cersei was born. But that’s one of the cool things about Cersei Lannister. She not afraid of who she is, or what she does. Despite living in a world that demands even a Queen of Westeros should have to live within society’s ‘rules’, Cersei is unashamed and unafraid to be herself. She goes to extrodinary lengths to fight and protect her own. She doesn’t suddenly change sides when the going gets tough, an admireable quality that not even some Stark bannermen can boast. (I’m talking to you, Karstalks, Boltons and Freys. I hope Manderley served your sons in his pies, as is tradition).

That and she’s definitely got the cutest boyfriend in Westeros. Or….the most boyfriends in Westeros. Either way, winning.