Twitter x Amex in Sync for Social Currency

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The social media world continues to get even more dynamic. Twitter is pleased to announce a partnership with the juggernaut, American Express. Recently they revealed that the two are under development in making a system of payment through tweets, yes tweets.  Your online purchases may be as easy as a hashtag. Welcome social media-e-commerce-online shopping?

American Express customers will be able to buy products by tweeting the appropriate hashtag from their Twitter handle to American Express’. American Express will then return a confirmation to the customer, asking to confirm the original tweet with the particular order. The cardholder’s information will be preloaded and the shipping process will begin once the purchase is completed.


Probably the most user friendly shopping method but will the social commerce be used? If we look at the situation logically, social media sites happen to open personal lives to the public in a number of ways.  With this you can expect your shopping history to be open to any viewer as well. Yes, it’s easier, but online purchases go through a series of security walls to ensure safety of online funds so would Twitter may make these same funds too accessible.

It seems online shopping has become an addiction and social media mixed into the equation could be deadly. People value privacy and this partnership may destroy that. If your twitter account is public then strangers can see what you spend your time buying. Even if your account is private, your followers can get a peek into your purchases which is a little creepy I must say.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, twitter x amex in sync for social currency, news

Customers will be able to use their synced card for certain purchases and within given time frames they will receive savings. There are a couple more incentives in place to get this method a higher level of popularity but even as unconventional as it is, I am sure it will be used widely.