Alarm Clock Toothbrush – Are You Ready?

Wayki alarm clock toothbrush

Sink your teeth into this one – this combination gadget of alarm clock toothbrush makes sure that your teeth are cleaned on time.

Just when you start thinking that combination gadgets are nothing but a waste of time, gadget developers will then go out of their way just to prove your beliefs wrong: an alarm clock toothbrush has been developed to help the general population be prompt and be squeaky clean at the same time. Hey, don’t judge just yet! Read this article first before actually making up your mind. The creators, Wayki, will thank you for doing so.

Wayki alarm clock toothbrush by david hawkins wayki
The Wayki Alarm Clock Toothbrush is a latecomer’s dream come true.

How does this alarm clock toothbrush work?

Well, why don’t we enumerate the simple steps that you should do in order to make this highly innovative product function?

  • Before going to sleep, the alarm clock part of the toothbrush needs to be placed in your room, preferably your bedside table so that you can definitely hear it when it goes off. You can also place it under your pillow, if you prefer. It doesn’t really matter where you actually place this alarm clock toothbrush, as long as you’re sure that you can hear it appropriately when it goes off. 
  • Important note: Make sure that you did set a wake-up time on your alarm clock toothbrush, or else you’re in for an ugly surprise.
  • After doing your nighttime routine, it is now time for you to go to bed! Turn off your lights (or not). Enjoy your well deserved rest and your sporadic dreams.
  • Boom! The alarm clock toothbrush goes off in order to wake you up! You reach for the snooze button but you are unable to find one simply because there is no snooze button in Wayki’s alarm clock toothbrush. Therefore, you can’t go on and prance towards dreamland once the alarm goes off. You need to turn this off immediately so you go and look for the “off” button too.
  • However, in order for you to actually turn off the alarm, you need to take this alarm clock toothbrush, go to your bathroom and plug in the brush located in your bathroom. Pretty sneaky, right?
  • When you plug in the brush to your alarm clock, you will then see a two-minute countdown on the display. This simply means that you are given two minutes to brush your teeth. Personally, this is a bit limiting – what if you like to take your time brushing, right? What if you wanted to savor the feel of the toothbrush on your teeth?
  • Again, do not forget to prepare your alarm clock toothbrush before going to bed. You can do this by separating the brush and the alarm clock once again. After that, set up the wake-up time, as needed.

Where can this alarm clock watch be purchased?

As of right now, David Hawkins, the creator, is looking for generous people to help with the funding. Cleanliness and promptness do not come cheap, though – the target retail price is about $150, so you better start saving up!

Will you be buying this alarm clock toothbrush in the future? Or do you want better gadgets instead? Share your thoughts in the comments below!