TV Shows We Wish Would Make a Spin-off

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Don’t you hate it when you watch a show, fall in love with all the characters, and then for reasons unknown, the network pulls the plug? “Fall in ratings” is the claim, but you know that can’t be true because the show is so awesome and so fantastic that anyone who is anyone should be watching as avidly as you. I know the feeling. I have had many heartbreaks over shows loved and lost. Sometimes, having just a little bit of our favorite thing is better than nothing at all, which is where spin-offs come in to the picture. Not counting Serenity, which I think everyone can agree does not need a spin-off but the actual show revived, here are some of the better shows that certainly deserved to keep going in some form or another.



The best show ever. EVER. I know, it’s a soap opera. And I know, it ended nicely with all the loose ends neatly tied up. But man! You could not get any better than this show if you tried. It was Dark Shadows for the modern generation. There was a monkey for a nurse, for goodness sakes! So many crazy things happened, especially in the first few years of the show. I was hooked until the bitter end. There was even a Bollywood special. The show could spin off by coming back years later with all the young children characters grown up. Much like Degrassi, an equally awesome teen-soap-opera that’s still kicking even after all these years. Degrassi ended ages ago, and then came back with a fresh new crowd – the children of some of the former stars now in their teens.

Dead Like Me


Such an interesting concept! I seriously miss this show. I don’t understand why it only lasted two seasons. Throughout the show, we never really get the back story for Rube Sofer, Mandy Patinkin’s character. A spin-off could take the route of a prequel…of sorts. We could find out more about Rube–how he died, or really what his story is. And Mandy Patinkin is such a great actor. He does not get enough credit. I thought this was a great role for him because he was able to show so much personality. He wasn’t stuck repeating the same (wonderful yet infamous) line, “My name is Inigo Montoya…” but he still stole the show. Rube was so fatherly: warm, but stern; funny, yet serious. He was respected, much like I imagine Mandy Patinkin would be in real life.

Eli Stone


The pain of losing Eli Stone is still fresh with me. The season never even finished! They just stopped the show. Just like that. I need closure! BUT, when I put aside all that hurt, it’s clear to me that the show has potential for a spin-off. Eli’s brother, Nathan (who is also a doctor) got cancer and the visions for a short time, but Eli asked God to take away the cancer. Now, right before the show was so savagely ripped from our viewing pleasure, there was a bit of a surreal, parallel storyline happening in which Eli Stone is actually dreaming or having a vision the whole time. I think, as an interesting spin-off, the show could be told from Nathan’s point of view. Let’s see what happens if Eli never took the cancer back. Or somehow they could do another parallel storyline in which nothing makes sense until the very end, but we’re still hooked on the edge of seats the whole time. We’d also get a bit more background about Eli and his father, and it would be nice to see all their interactions from Nathan’s side and in Nathan’s memories. Doctor shows are always popular, and Nathan’s just such a good guy; he isn’t your typical Dr. Jerk. …He’s also pretty good looking.



This show has so much potential for a spin-off–many spin-offs in fact. The TV show was based on a book series consisting of fifty-two books. Fifty. Two. You’d think that would have been enough to keep the show going longer than twenty-six episodes. There could have been a spinoff for each character, giving us more background and allowing a closer connection, more along the same vein as the books. Each book was narrated by a different animorph, so we got a specific point of view for each event. I think the show could have easily gone in this direction, giving us more of a character specific spin-off.



Darlene was always my favorite character. Maybe because when I watched the reruns I was about her age, and got to grow up with her all over again. I thought she was so tough and cool. The show ends with Darlene and David bringing their new baby home. What a perfect set up for a spin-off! I know the show was really sort-of kind-of an autobiography of Roseanne’s real life, but that’s why it’s called a spin-off! Creative liberties could keep my favorite character going just a little while longer. I’d love to see how Darlene handles motherhood after all she put Roseanne through!