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Turn iPhone Snapshots Into Classic Analogue Photos With ‘The Instant Lab’

The benefits of Smartphone photography are that you can take nearly as many pictures as you want, you can see the photos instantly after they are taken and the process of editing has never been easier or more accessible. However, one of the great things that the digital age of photography has replaced is the classic, analogue photo. The quality of these photos is something that is unattainable with your typical ink printer; the colors are more vibrant and you don’t run into nearly as many pixilation problems. The Instant Lab by Impossible has brought analogue photography back to life, giving you the ability to turn your iPhone photos into classic masterpieces.

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Classic Look and Feel

Rather than using ink and paper, the Instant Lab functions as a camera, using a glass lens to take a photo directly from your iPhone’s display. Then, through an entirely photochemical process, the photo is developed onto the film of your choosing. The process takes place in a dark, enclosed environment so no unnecessary light can interfere. What results is a high-quality picture with the look and feel of a Polaroid.

Aside from using a USB cord to charge the built-in battery, the Instant Lab is wire-free. When not in use, it can be collapsed down to the size of your typical Polaroid camera.

Easy to Use

The process begins with the included app as you choose the photograph that you want to develop. You then set the exposure time and crop the photo to your preference, slide your phone into the cradle, close the shutter and then press the eject button. The app also comes with a scanning application, so you can make copies of old photos or share your new analogue photo on your preferred social media outlet.

The Instant Lab is compatible with the iPhone 4/4S/5/5S and iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation. Purchase yours here.