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Trading Card Games Meet Video Games at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Many of the popular card games, like Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh, were turned into video games. This opened them up to even bigger markets that were staunchly opposite to card collectors. Digital cards could be traded between players (once the internet became available on game systems), new cards could be added, and rules could be modified continually to add new challenges for experienced players. These games turned into the video games that we know and love today. However, the switch to video games came with a downside. All of these benefits came at the cost of having physical cards. Collectors found it harder to find the cards that they wanted since companies made them for games only.  Players no longer needed to have the card in their hands to play.

Interactive Theme Park Duels

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom follows the same basic rules as Magic: The Gathering. Each card has a specific name and deals a specific amount of damage to an opponent. In both games, the goal is to overpower the other player through use of magic found on a card. Even the information on the cards is set up the same. Both games set precedence for others to follow. However, the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom bridges the gap between video games and card games. Unlike video games, you still need the card to play.

Players sign up for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game at the front of Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park. You’ll get a key card as well as 5 spell cards for each day that you play the game. There are 70 total spell cards that players can collect. Players then use a map to locate portals located throughout the park. Some of them are hidden well, though some of the others are fairly obvious. The player unlocks the portal using the key card and defeats Disney-themed opponents using their spell cards. It’s highly interactive and keeps players actively running throughout the parks. There are several different storylines for the game.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom bridged the gap between video games and card games. The game is a solid attempt to bring a card game to life using interactive elements set in an expansive real-world environment. The dream of many developers is to have their games seem “real.” Well, in the Magic Kingdom, the card game has come to life.