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Turn Almost Any Object into a Speaker with Rock It

Ever hear of the trick where you use a bowl to boost the sound of your Smartphone speakers? No? Well, it’s simple. All you do is stand your phone up with the speakers facing down inside the bowl and the sound is amplified: cheap and simple. As cool as this is, it’s not exactly convenient to carry a bowl around, which kind of defeats the purpose. However, there is a way to bring this cool trick everywhere you go.

Rock It 3.0 Portable Vibration Speaker

As complex as music may sound, all that it really comes down to is vibration. That’s exactly what Rock-It brings to the table. It consists of only two parts: the base and pod. You plug your music device to the base through a universal audio jack and position the pod to any surface. Then, your music can be heard with the vibrations that travel through the object that you attach it to. The fun part is that each surface will give you a different sound, like switching the EQ around. More flexible objects like plastic cups and cardboard boxes are known to bring the best results, but you never know. Use it as a backup speaker for desperate situations or just a way to appreciate the science of sound and music; it’s up to you.

After a 2-hour charging time, the Rock It will give you up to 10 hours of music. The device itself is small, lightweight and flat so it can fit practically anywhere and rest steadily on an even surface. The pods connect to a variety of surfaces with sticky pads, which are reusable and can be clean with a wet cloth. Along with the device, a USB charging cable and extra sticky pads are included in the packaging. The Rock It is also available in a variety of colors: black, blue, green, pink, red and white.