Tune Into SpaceX Demo-2 Test Flight

Spacex launch

Do not miss out, I repeat, do not miss out on the historic space launch coming up this past Wednesday involving SpaceX, NASA, and two astronauts. These astronauts will head to the International Space Station aboard the SpaceX rocket.

This event will be a historic one as the United States has not sent out a flight with American astronauts from the United States for about nine years. This mission will be an American venture to its core and further ignite the resurgence of space-oriented missions.

The current event is called the SpaceX Demo-2 test flight, and will take place at 5:33 CST this coming Wednesday. 

Who is Involved?

The two NASA astronauts that will be involved in this mission are Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley. They will go on a trip to the International Space Station.

SpaceX – This event, Demo-2, is quite a big deal for SpaceX as it helps to strengthen their ties with NASA and prove that it can continue to add value to NASA and the space sector. The Space firm has already conducted a test via spaceflight in the past. 

But this time is different.


This specific launch will have people on board. It will shed more details on the Falcon 9 Rocket and will show that SpaceX is capable of obtaining the NASA certification.

It is also essential as it helps to show the quality of SpaceX ground systems in addition to other components related to spaceflight.


The flight will take place at the Launch Complex 39A in Florida.

You are Invited to Launch America

I think this event is all the more compelling because we’re hearing phrases such as “amidst the coronavirus pandemic” on a regular basis. Phrases as such as this is are not necessarily hope inducing. It is in these times that we need even more breakthroughs and compelling events to view and take to heart.

That is why you, yes you, are invited to this historic event.

To participate, members of the public can register to find a calendar of mission information, mission highlights, and virtual tours. To find out more, visit:


Everyone can tune into this event and stay up to date with everything that is happening like those in mission control. Bettina Inclán of NASA notes to GeekInsider “through NASA’s virtual launch experience; we make it possible for more people than ever to watch the beginning of this new era in human spaceflight.”

Register here and join thousands of Americans as they watch this fantastic launch.  Get excited, clear out a portion of your schedule and check it out. View the #LaunchAmerica hashtag on Twitter, participate, and let others know about this intriguing event.

Learn more about this and future events here.

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