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Trying to Exercise at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak? Turn to a Virtual Reality Workout

Exercise matters but many don’t integrate the habit into their daily or weekly routines in normal times. It is even less likely in times of pandemics like the one’s that we live in now. But that’s a problem as it makes us operate as lesser than optimal level. For instance, we know that exercise can help to control weight, can minimize the possibility of heart disease, can contribute to the regulation of blood sugar, and improve mental clarity and mental health overall.

But we have huge problem today, we are all stuck inside to a large extent.

With most people trying to limit their outdoor activities amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, fitness aficionados are finding it difficult to maintain their usual workout sessions. That’s definitely something that will not sit well with those that like to stay active regularly.

These people need solutions and other options that provide a similar experience. You don’t go from working out to doing at all. That simply will not work well.

If you are a self-proclaimed gym rat, you may have already tried different ways to workout at home during coronavirus.

Thanks to Within, its virtual reality workout might be exactly what you need. 

How Can You Workout at Home Using VR?

Released on April 23, 2020, the VR workout app dubbed Supernatural uses highly immersive environments and pre-designed workouts to help you get your fitness fix at home. The app uses the Oculus Quest VR headset to power its operations, and comes complete with realistic sounds and nature settings to get you in the mood for intensive yet fun workout sessions. 

According to Within, the studio behind the virtual reality workout design, Supernatural uses the power of VR to bring settings such as mountaintops, forests and beaches to life. 

Once you are “standing” in the midst of the VR environment, you can practice your kicks and punches against oncoming obstructions to practice like a futuristic fighter in your favorite game – all from the comfort of your living room. Apart from preset workouts, the app also has customized regimes that are set by professional trainers, so you can achieve your fitness goals at home with ease.

While Supernatural has been long in the making as a VR workout program, it proves to be the perfect solution to workout at home during coronavirus. Priced as a monthly subscription of $19 per month, the app also comes with a 30-day free trial to help you experience its offerings before you go ahead to pay for them.

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