Trump Launches Truth Social: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Now you can download Trump’s Truth Social platform from Apple’s App Store. The social media app debuted last week as the former US president tries to establish a rival to Facebook and Twitter ahead of 2024 polls. Donald Trump has shown every sign that he intends to conduct a vigorous campaign and retake the high office. 

Truth Social is one of the brands launched by Trump’s Media and Technology Group (TMTG), a media startup founded in 2021 to counter what Trump described as the “tyranny of Big Tech” that aided in his loss. 

Social media played a significant role in Trump’s 2016 campaigns and throughout his tenure as POTUS. For this reason, Donald Trump amassed a huge following on all the major platforms. In fact, he even bypassed the traditional media and relied heavily on Twitter to express his opinions and announce changes in the government. However, some of the leading platforms he relied on, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, banned him after his supporters’ 2021 US Capitol attack. 

Following the ban, Trump lost the ability to reach and communicate to his more than 120 million followers on Facebook and Twitter. He had no alternative but to establish his own social media platform. 

What Is Truth Social?

Truth Social is a social media app created by the TMTG as an alternative to the mainstream media platforms. The main objective of the new platform is to help Trump and other like-minded people to stand up against the “Big Tech” which the ex-president feels is censoring him. 

The app seems like a clone of Twitter, enabling you to create a profile and attract followers. You can also share or like posts referred to as “Truths” on the platform. Other features in the Truth Social app include notifications, dark mode, direct messaging, and tabs to share video links and photos. 

Is Truth Social Just for Conservatives?

Even though Trump’s move is an apparent conservative rivalry to mainstream social media platforms, Truth Social doesn’t market itself exclusively for conservatives. Instead, the app describes its approach as a “big tent” at an outdoor event filled with liberals, conservatives, and libertarians. The description itself acknowledges that the different groups may not agree, but Truth Social welcomes the varied opinions and the conversation they create. 

Can You Say Anything You Want on Truth Social?

Allowing users to say anything they want without the truth would compromise the apps’ name. Like other social media networks, Truth Social has regulations that you must agree to if you want to sign up as a member. Its Terms of Service have a section named “prohibited activities” that outlines some of the things you should avoid to remain a member. The prohibited activities include defrauding, tricking, or misleading other users or the company. Members should not file a false report of misconduct or abuse as an attempt to acquire sensitive information.

The company also prohibits you from impersonating other users or using information from the platform to harm, abuse, or harass others. Apparently, Truth Social has stricter rules than Twitter. The latter allows pornographic materials as long as they are marked as sensitive for viewers, while the former bars any sexual content or language. 

But, the main concern lies in how Truth Social will keep Trump in check to avoid what Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube avoided when they banned him. The ex-president might influence what goes to air and what doesn’t. The mainstream apps based their action on what they alleged was Trump’s breach of their user policy. The policies state that user-generated content can’t be misleading, false, or inaccurate or include threats of violence. Truth Social also has these rules, and TMTG only disagrees with how the mainstream social media platforms interpret their policies. 

Truth Social Reception So Far

Truth Social topped mobile downloads rank at Apple’s App Store in the first week of its launch, beating popular platforms such as TikTok. The sudden influx of downloads created some technical problems as users received error messages whenever they tried to sign up. David Dunes, the former head of the US House Intelligence Committee and now TMTG chief executive, described the platform as a work in progress assuring users that things would get smooth by around the end of March. 

Generally, Truth Social seems to perform pretty well compared to other conservative rivals to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, such as Gettr and Parler, that have not yet broken the bigger platforms’ might. 

The app’s massive reception reflects Trump’s influence as a business mogul and former US president. Besides, the large sums of money he’s been raising and rallies he’s been holding in Republican heartlands maintain his influence, especially with GOP grassroots. 

Precautions When Joining Trumps’ Truth Social App

Since the Truth Social app just launched in the market, joining it may not seem inherently risky. However, it would be best to take precautions when joining any new service, whether Facebook, Truth Social, or a niche social network. 

Know What the Company Can Collect

Every app, even those already installed on your phone, has access to your information. Apps can know the type of device you use, your device’s IP address, battery life, or the amount of free space is left. The company can “fingerprint” your device and identify you with such information combined. These are some of the crucial details that give you up. Therefore, limiting such information collection with tools like a virtual private network (VPN) is vital.

Restrict What You Can

While there are things we can’t control when sharing data, there are those that we can. Modern devices, including tablets and Smartphones, come with individualized controls on whether you’d like to proceed to a specific action like accessing sensitive types of information. You can always say no to these, especially if the activity requires you to grant additional permissions to, say, contact lists or social networks. Your device’s privacy settings will help you check what an app is accessing, and you can always revoke it. 

Watch Out for Scammers

If you are already signed up to the Truth Social app, remain vigilant about other users pretending to be crypto or supplements dealers asking personal questions. Attackers know this is a new network and that people are flocking there ready to engage.  

Truth Social Prospect

While we can’t gauge much from the current number of downloads, it’s clear that fans we’re anticipating for Trump’s social media platform. The ex-president is known for his controversial views, so people could be flocking to the site to hear what more ideas Trump has for them. They know that Trump has a lot to say now that he’s back since the mainstream platforms banned him. Only time will tell whether people will ditch Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to join Truth Social.

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