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Top Tech Gadgets and Accessories for Your Desk and Home

If you’re a researcher, a student, or just a PC fanatic, you need the best gadgets and accessories for your home desk. The top tech gadgets and accessories highlighted below promote comfort on your home desk while enhancing interaction with your machine. 

Smart Universal Remote Control

This device is available in black and white and has a built-in Alexa. With this single device, you can control all the TVs, air conditioners, speakers, or anything that uses an infrared remote in your house via smartphone. With the built-in Alexa, you can also use voice commands to control the devices. 

The smart universal remote control will work with anything that has an infrared remote and has thousands of other brands already preloaded. You can also manually add your remotes if they are not included yet. It is the best choice to automate your house and comes at an affordable price, making it an excellent place to get started with home automation. 

Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner

You can use the cleaner on your desk and other things on the desk, such as your mouse and keyboard. Besides, the cleaner has a nozzle that you can attach to get into some tight spaces. The mini desk vacuum cleaner recharges over USB type C and has two-speed modes. You can use any built-in filters and a collection tray to get rid of all the crap you’ve collected with the cleaner. It’s a really cool accessory to have to keep the working area and the desk tidy. 

Desk Heater

This next accessory is ideal for controlling the temperature around your working area as it comes with a heating element and a fan. You can place the compact device on your desk as it’s basically like a space heater but serves a smaller area. It has a heating capacity of 400 watts sufficient for a small room or just the area around your desk. The accessory comes with a cord and has a pretty nice overall design. 

Energy Meter

This accessory is a must-have if you want to track the amount of energy or power your devices are consuming. You simply need to plug it into the wall socket and plug your gadget into it. You can also use the meter for PCs to know the exact draw from the outlet for accurate energy consumption of all your devices. The meter tells you not only the KW/hour of your gadgets, but it can also provide additional information such as the carbon emission, power factor, and total usage time. Also, you can set the unit price on the energy meter and let it calculate the total energy expenses of a particular device. 

Under Desk Drawer

This under-table drawer relies on double-sided tape that helps you attach it to the underside of your table for additional drawer space. The extra drawer comes in handy, especially for the modern tables that come without any drawers. Moreover, you can use the accessory, which comes in a wide array of colors, on your dining or working table. Since the drawer uses double-sided tape to attach under your table, you can easily remove it if you don’t want to use it later. 

The top tech gadgets and accessories discussed here provide a comfortable desk and home setup. Telecommuters and gamers alike will appreciate these add-ons that seek to help them through their diverse tasks at home. The accessories also make up a favorite gift for friends and relatives out there.

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