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Top Photoshop Tricks and Tips

Pictures have become an essential element of communication in the digital world. You will see photos wherever you shop or go. But looking closer at these photos and you’ll be mistaken to think that they are raw. Most of these photos you see on magazines, billboards, and social webs are all edited for appeal and information. Of course, the audience loves attractive highlights and shades, making photo editing critical. 

Although there are numerous photo editing apps and tools, Photoshop is probably the first thing that hits your head when mentioning photo editing. But how do you change the photo color, background, or size on Adobe Photoshop? This article breaks down tips and tricks that make photo editing on Photoshop hassle-free.

How To Transform Photos on Photoshop

The transformation tool helps you position a misplaced photo or object in the picture. This way, you can change the object’s position on the image or transform the shot altogether. Photoshop transformation is fun, and you can perform the task pretty quickly too. Follow these steps to transform your photo in photoshop.

  1. Go to “Edit.”
  2. Select “Transform” and choose your preferred transformation type.
  3. Press “T” to choose the object and transform.

The transformation option also allows you to rotate or duplicate the subject.

How To Use The Spot Healing Brush On Photoshop

You don’t want your photos to appear with blemishes and spots hence the need to master the healing brush technique. 

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The spot healing brush is an effective tool in Photoshop that helps you remove blemishes and spots precisely from the photos. Since Photoshop has several spot healing tools, choose the “Spot Healing Brush” tool and right-click to change brush size. It’s advisable to keep the brush relatively bigger than the spot you’re working on.

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How to Change Background on Photoshop

Photo background is undoubtedly a critical element of any photo, and sometimes you may need to change it to make the picture more appealing. Photoshop is always there for you if you wish to change the photo background quickly. You simply need to remove the unwanted background by applying a clipping path or background removal on your photos. 

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Photoshop’s Pen Tool works best, and you only need to press “P” on your keyboard to activate it. Then, you can draw clipping lines around the main subject to alter the background.

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