Top Free Online Games to Play with Friends

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Games have undoubtedly been at the forefront of the pandemic survival crusade. Since we’re unsure how long the Covid 19 period will last, studios and companies have provided quality entertainment to help you cope with the circumstances. The recently released digital board games and video games have an interactive nature that provides a much-needed connection in a period when we are forced to remain indoors and isolated. You’re no longer alone as we’ve compiled a list of the ten best free online games that you will have a blast with, be it with colleagues, friends, or family. 

The selection below involves games that typically keep your interpersonal skills in check as they may require you to shake hands, use facial expressions, or have face-to-face communication. Thankfully, the games’ mechanics discussed here translate physical aspects to fit digital platforms seamlessly. 

  1. Secret Hitler

The game that gained popularity on the tabletop is now available online and is identical to the original. Secret Hitler may involve up to 10 players and is available through the web browser. The game involves Fascists and Liberals, with Hitler being among the Fascists. However, the Liberals form the majority, but they don’t know who the other Liberals are. On the other hand, Fascists may know who their mates are, but Hitler does not know his teammates. The two factions have different goals to pursue, making the game even more enjoyable. 

The Liberals seek to enact five policies and eliminate Hitler, while the Fascists also have six policies to counter the Liberals, and they also seek to appoint Hitler as Chancellor. Notably, each round involves an election to form the next government where the elected players shall enact the policies and conduct an Executive Action. Therefore, players need to communicate and agree on who should be elected and why. The Secret Hitler is a cutthroat game requiring utmost cooperation and loyalty to ensure your faction wins and survives. Remember to kiss and hug fellow members on the game once you complete your mission, as the game also tests friendship. 

  1. Codenames Online

Now that the Codenames game is purely online, there is no shuffling of cards as in the original tabletop game. The game may involve up to 8 players and is available on the web browser. It has the Blue and the Red team with a spymaster on each of them. The spymaster’s role in each group is to provide the best clues for the next words that the team should figure out. Note that the spymaster can’t give the exact word, but they can provide other clues, such as synonyms. When a team makes correct guesses, it can keep on guessing more words until they win or miss the word. Be sure that your team doesn’t guess the black card, as it may lead to an instant loss. 

  1. Houseparty

With the new norm of telecommuting, playing a game on your desktop or laptop has become natural. Houseparty involves up to 8 members with a webcam to participate in a slew of games that shake up your teleconference. Some of the games you can play on Houseparty include the popular Heads Up! by Ellen DeGeneres, Trivia, or the Pictionary-Esque game Quick Draw! These options, among others, provide an endless source of joy during the entire quarantine period. 


If you don’t have a webcam to indulge in the Houseparty games discussed above, perhaps might be the best alternative. The browser-based game requires 2 to 8 players and comes with plenty of options for you with which to make sketches. is a drawing-based guessing game allowing you to make a wide variety of drawings to compete with what your friends have. So, if you have additional tools such as the Wacom, you’re definitely at an advantage. 

  1. Spyfall

Spyfall is yet another social deduction game with a tabletop version but little negotiation. You can play the game through the web browser with 3 to 12 players. The main aim of the Spyfall game is to trace and establish the location and roles of other players while keeping yours concealed. The main difference between this game and Secret Hitler is that you don’t operate as a faction but as an individual. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about disclosing your position through other players’ reckless quips. While this may not be their fault, it’s always better to do your things secretly to survive. 

  1. Werewolf Telegram

If your device uses Telegram, you can play the Werewolf Telegram game with as many players as possible. This aspect makes the game among the most cost-effective you can find today. Although there is a tabletop version of the Werewolf Telegram game, the online version is the most popular, mainly due to the bot that acts as the moderator replacing the slow and erroneous human moderator in tabletop. The bot in the online game assigns roles instantly and sends private DM with your specific functions and the options you have to lynch other players every day. 

To play the Werewolf Telegram game, simply download the Telegram app and type @werewolfbot on the search bar. Going forward, you should establish who among the players is the werewolf and whether or not all the villagers survive. 

  1. Psych!

The Psych! Game is another recent classic that we had to include in this list of online free games you can play during the quarantine period. The game is free and has superb connectivity that makes all the functions seamless and hyper-interactive. You can play the Psych! Game on iOS or Android devices with an unlimited number of other participants. Psych is simply a trivia game with varying topics in the form of multiple-choice questions. The trivia has only one correct answer among the plenty of incorrect responses provided by the players. You earn points by guessing the right answer, or if your false answer is picked, adding much fun to the mix. 

  1. Among Us

This game has become the crowd favorite during the pandemic period as it encourages players to watch who they associate with and keep a social distance. You can play the game for free on mobile with ten friends. The Among Us game starts by picking every participant as an innocent crewmate or a murderous imposter. Your main goal throughout the game is to kill all the crewmates and stay alive. The aspect of this game makes you question the loyalty and intentions of your real friends and encourages you to always be on the lookout as someone may be planning to stab you in the back. 

  1. Tabletopia

If you’re obsessed with board games, there’s a variety for you online from famous and indie publishers as well. The Tabletopia system provides an endless playground helping you discover numerous games to play for free. The game also has an editor option to develop a custom game and test your game development skills. 

Tabletopia comes to replace the board games you were used to in cafes before Covid hit. It’s the closest you can go to the authentic user experience you had at the table. What’s more, the online Tabletopia game allows you to play two different games simultaneously, meaning that you can participate in a community of online players playing different board games during your free time. 

  1. 10.Sky: Children of Light

This award-winning game is the best option if you and your friends are up for an adventure. Essentially, the game is based on an open-world concept allowing you to explore different stunning realms of the Sky kingdom. You complete the tour across the beautifully animated space utilizing different character customization options available along the way. The game also comes with musical backgrounds to keep up the exploratory mood. However, it’s not all sunshine and boring as you will encounter dark realms with terrifying monsters that make it more of a hassle to complete the game. The best part is that you can combine efforts, hold hands with other players, conquer whatever comes your way and acquire the worthy reward at the end of the adventure.

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