Top Apps To Give To Good Causes

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There is no doubt smartphones have changed the world. The rise of the smartphone has led to one in five people across the world owning a device, and hundreds of thousands of applications available for us to download. From improving our sporting prowess, to shopping for groceries, we can just about do anything on our mobile phones. In recent times however, more and more organisations are turning to the app for good. Charities are becoming incredibly inventive in their ways to raise money and awareness, meaning it’s the perfect excuse to drop Angry Birds for five minutes, and give one of these a look.

I Can Go Without
We can all give something a miss one day. Do we really need that 10am cup of coffee? That lunch break KitKat? The chances are we don’t, but rather than just giving up chocolate, why not donate your saving to charity. The app gives you a list of charity partners, whilst you can also create fundraisers and share your causes socially via Facebook and Twitter.


Certainly one for the food lovers, Feedie has partnered up with The Lunchbox Fund to provide food for vulnerable children in South Africa, simply by taking a picture of our meals. All you have to do is download the app, visit a participating restaurant and said restaurant will donate one meal to the fund, meaning it won’t be just your belly that ends up filled.

Donate A Photo

Sticking with photography, this app from Johnson & Johnson pays $1 to a charity of your choice for every photo uploaded. So far over 188,000 have been donated, helping towards clean water for people, public parks being restored, and even protecting children against sporting injuries. You can even share your images on social media, to help meet targets and save the world one snapshot at a time.

Play To Cure: Genes In Space

Perhaps the most unique charity-based app on the market, Play To Cure gives you the chance to play a game as addictive as Angry Birds, whilst also helping in the fight against cancer. The App, which has seen the Rational Group and Cancer Research UK team up, uses real genetic patterns, which you must use as a flight path blasting asteroids from your path in a bid not only to save the universe, but one of the world’s biggest killers.

Budge Challenge

There’s nothing quite like beating your friends in a challenge. But making the loser donate to a charity of your choice makes it that much sweeter. Placing small wagers with your buddies on anything from a jog around the park, to a monster burger eating contest, and whilst that might not be good for your stomach, it could help feed a child from some of the world’s poorest countries.