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Top 5 Tech Deals of the Week

It’s that time again, fellow geeks! Time for Geek Insider to scour the internet, searching high and low, to bring you the hottest and coolest tech deals of the week. You asked and we answered, so feast your eyes on the tech-glory! Each of these products are a steal, coming in at under $30 each.

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Abco Tech Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard for iPhone 5

Let’s say you aren’t 13 years old and those crazy new-fangled touchscreens don’t come as naturally to you as your trusty old Blackberry (you know, back in the day… when Blackberries were cool?). What to do? You love your iPhone, but being featured on ‘Damn You Auto-Correct’ more than twice is just too much. Enter the Abco Tech Sliding Keyboard. Keep your iPhone and your full QWERTY keyboard with the help of this Bluetooth-enabled iPhone 5 case. The Bluetooth technology connects seamlessly between your iPhone and the case and allows you to thumb-type until your heart is content.

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Agloves Original Touchscreen Gloves

Let’s face it. It’s cold outside. Much of the US is buried in snow and now is no time to go around texting barehanded. Unfortunately, for touchscreen owners, the only way to text is barehanded, right? No longer! Agloves has heard the cry of frostbitten tech enthusiasts everywhere and responded with these babies: Warm, fuzzy gloves that work with your touchscreen phone or tablet!

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Star Wars Lightsaber SFX Flashlight

I shouldn’t have to explain the awesomeness that is spewing out of this product to any geek who is worthy of the title, but just in case you ended up here by accident…What could possibly make you feel more amazing than stumbling down a dark hallway in the general direction of the bathroom with a lightsaber in your hand? You instantly go from “guy-who-has-to-pee” to “Jedi-master-who-has-to-pee” with the flip of a switch.

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

Forget cluttering your car, purse, or home with regular paper and pens when you can use the Boogie Board. Essentially, the Boogie Board is a high-tech note pad that allows the user to jot down notes and erase them with the touch of a button.  Eco-friendly and extremely portable, this little LCD writing tablet will be your go-to for all your writing needs! Keep one in your briefcase, school bag, or by the phone.

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Kikkerland Grass Charging Station

We here at Geek, just like you, love our gadgets. If you are like us, your desk area probably attests to this fact with cords and chargers aplenty. If this sounds like you, the Kikkerland Grass Charging Station may be your answer. Cords and chargers coil up inside the grassy surface and are easily disguised, keeping your desk neat and your life and work area more productive!

That’s it til’ next week for our Top 5 Tech Deals! Let us know what you think or what you would like to see featured, in the comments below!