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Top 4 Home/Office Decoration Ideas for Geeks

With winter here in full force, a lot of you are going to be spending plenty of time indoors for the next few months. Just about every Geek likes to change up their home or office on occasion and whether you get bored with the same ole same ole or you just want to change things up, you have the perfect opportunity to redecorate now. For those looking to add a touch of adorable geekiness to their home office decor, consider incorporating some charming figurines from Pudgy Penguins, which offer a delightful and whimsical element to your workspace

However, sometimes simply rearranging some furniture or slapping on a new coat of paint just doesn’t do the job and of course, not everyone can go all out on a complete renovation. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight some cool products that can help give a Geek’s home or office a new look and feel.

#1 Displate

Okay, in all transparency I did receive a kickass Deathstroke plate (pictured below) for free from Displate a while back. That’s one of the perks of being a writer here at Geek Insider. However, that’s not the sole reason that they not only made this list but that they’re also my first suggestion for those looking to redecorate.

While I chose to snag mine out of the DC Comics collection (of course), they have numerous collections to choose from. There’s anime and fantasy of course, but they also have nature, animals, space, music, floral, and on and on and on. Seriously. 

Not only do they have a wide selection, but their posters aren’t your old Spencer’s Gifts products. These suckers are sturdy metal plates that are beautifully designed and since they’re available in three sizes, M, L, XL, they’re perfect for any space. Displate products also have a Safe Wall Magnet mounting system that reduces the risk of damage to your walls and if you don’t like you purchase for some reason, you can return it within 100 days. 

However, even with all of those pluses for purchasing some of their posters, there are two other main reasons why I placed them as number 1. 

  1. They plant a tree for every Displate purchased.
  2. Every purchase supports an artist. 

Take a look around and I’m almost willing to bet that you’ll find something perfect for whatever room(s) that you’re looking to redecorate.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, top 4 home/office decoration ideas for geeks, living

#2 Vitrazza

We worked with this company a bit towards the end of 2021 and all of us here at Geek Insider were really impressed with their product. The Glass Office Chair Mats by Vitrazza will not only make your office look and feel more professional, but they also help protect your floors.

If your old plastic chair mat is scratched, cracked, or creased, it’s not only unsightly but it probably doesn’t provide all that smooth of a surface for your office chair to move around. The Glass Chair Mats from Vitrazza never crack or dent as they’re made with a proprietary combination called Tufver Glass™ and are certifiably tempered for strength and durability. Furthermore, they’re coated with Vitrazza’s Invisible Shield Pro 15 Nano Tech that helps resist fine scratches.

Not only do these glass chair mats look great and protect your floors, it’ll last you a lifetime because they come with a transferable lifetime warranty. They’re made in the USA and you can choose from 18 different sizes or custom shapes.

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#3 Lite Lamps

Changing up a room’s lighting is a quick and easy way to really give it a fresh look. If the LED lights from Solid Apollo aren’t your style or you just want or need more lighting, you should check out Lite Lamps.

My wife and I both absolutely love lamps. In fact, right now we have at least two that are sitting on a table awaiting a home because we have so many that we’ve ran out of room. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t still look around at cool ones and fortunately, that led me to these guys.

Not only do they have cool collectibles like the Leg Lamp from ‘A Christmas Story,’ they also have over 30 lamps that you simply have to see to believe. From the totally cool Rob Lamp to a Wooden Bohemian Light and from minimalist floor and line lamps to a “gotta have” Cubic Infinity Cube, Lite Lamps has something virtually every Geek will love.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, top 4 home/office decoration ideas for geeks, living

#4 Solid Apollo

I ran across this company a while back when working on some other article and immediately started daydreaming. Solid Apollo has everything you need to light up any room in your home with style. They offer LED neon light strips, flexible LED sheets, linear LED lighting, light bars, LED dimmers, and more along with literally everything you need to professionally light your home with a cool new look.

These are state of the art lighting products that simulate the look, feel, and effect of traditional neon lights without the need for high voltage transformers or dealing with dangerous neon gases or those fragile glass tubes. The light strips are easy to cut to the length you need and can be safely installed in almost any place. Which means you can light up a curio cabinet, completely transform your movie or game room, or just add a little color to a dull room.

Sure, there are lots of sites out there that sell statues and other Geeky collectibles that can be great additions when redecorating, but the above 4 are the ones that really stuck out to us. They’re affordable and easy to implement and in most cases, any single one of them can really change the feel of a room.

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