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The TI4 Compendium Hits The Dota 2 Marketplace

Valve has released The International Compendium 2014, allowing DOTA 2 players to take part in the experience of The International 4. The Compendium allows players to make predictions about the matches, as well as serve as an in-game program to track the progress of the tournament. The Compendium is for sale on the Steam Marketplace for $9.99 and for each Compendium sold, $2.50 is added to the overall prize pool of The International. The Compendium was implemented in last years International and raised the prize pool to just under $2.9 million. The 2014 Compendium has already surpassed last years prize pool and is still rising, currently at $3.8 million.

Stretch Goals

Along with the Compendium’s flair players find in game, there is a list of stretch goals that the community is inclined to reach because of the rewards they offer. The DOTA 2 community has already hit 8 of the goals, over half of the proposed milestones. The rewards range from a Battle Point Booster, an experience booster that increases with a players Compendium level, to new music packs, Packs with Immortal Items, custom emoticons for in-game chat, to allowing the community to decide with Hero receives the next Arcana item.

New Compendium Features

The 2014 Compendium has a new feature that allows the Compendium to level up. The Compendium starts at level 1 and players can earn points to increase their level. Points are rewarded for filling out your Compendium predictions, correctly predicting games and stats, and even points can be awarded simply for winning a pub game. Players can purchase points to level up their Compendium faster, with the proceeds going towards the prize pool. The higher your Compendium the bigger the rewards, ranging from 1x, 2x, and 3x Immortal Items, to custom particle effects for in-game items like the Blink Dagger and Dagon.

Virtual Access

Along with the reward factor of the Compendium and a profile of the competing teams, the Compendium offers complete virtual access to all the games of The 2014 International. The tournament finals will take place in Seattle at the KeyArena, July 18-21. Unfortunately, the 10,000 tickets for the tournament sold out last month in an hour after they went on sale. With that in mind, the Compendium is the second best way for players to experience The 2014 International.