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Three Reasons To Watch The Whistlers

The Whistlers could be a fascinating film to see this year. If you are tired of older movies or watching re-runs of shows like The Office, then The Whistlers, should be on your watch list.

Sure, it is a new film and could provide some opportunity, but why should you watch The Whistlers?

It all revolves around originality and creativity. Here are three reasons to watch The Whistlers before the year ends.

A Complex Film That Incorporates Intriguing Linguistics

The Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu taps into his knowledge of the linguistics sector and combines it with his latest production in The Whistlers. You can look at this film as a neo-noir that takes place in The setting of the Canary Island of La Gomera. It is a tale that is as old as time. It involves cops and robbers, but one major difference is that these criminals are linguistically creative.

What do we mean?

They do not talk. These individuals whistle. It is not like they invented the language; they learned that this is a language in existence quite a long time ago and thought it would serve their purposes.

How can you record conversations or catch someone if you do not know how they communicate? If you can not decipher the mode of communication, then you cannot make progress!

It gets even harder to catch the criminals when you, as one of the leading characters, are playing both sides, you’re with law enforcement and the criminals.


There is much more to the film that will certainly catch your attention.


There Is Much To Decipher

The tale revolves around life, death, corruption, beating the system. It shows you how far criminals will go to skirt the law. Further, it shows you how creative they can get to find ways to outmaneuver the justice system.

Sometimes, getting creative is all about using what you already have to meet your objective. Sure, proper criminals will make sure to practice, refine, and train themselves to execute their campaigns flawlessly. That is one of the main reasons why this is a compelling film to see.

The viewer is entranced by the lunacy present within the film. That is what makes it comical and fun to watch.

While other criminals in this current era may seek to go high-tech, Porumboiu presents a scenario where the characters go low-tech. It is interesting logic, too, in a world of surveillance capitalism.


The Pursuit of the Good Life

Each character in the film is seeking something that would make their life better. One person wants to escape the justice system, and another wants to have more flexibility in life; another seeks to keep her life intact and hum smoothly with this endeavor.

If you are looking for something more refreshing to watch, then The Whistlers is a good movie to check out today.




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