5 Ways Marketing is Getting Cooler

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Within the last few decades, digital technology has grown leaps and bounds. Things that were once confined to the realm of science fiction are now part of our daily lives: tiny computers we can bring around in our pockets, self-driving cars, home appliances that respond intuitively to our every need. What was once the dream of the future is now set firmly in the present, and there’s no telling what could happen next.

One of the industries that’s always been attuned to advancements in tech is, surprisingly, marketing. From the first printers that could mass produce advertisements and magazines to analytical tools that can tell how long a customer stays on a page, marketing has kept pace with technological growth. Here are a few examples of the new and exciting ways tech is changing marketing, and vice versa.

Augmented Reality

What if you could hold up your phone camera and see a completely different reality superimposed on the one you live in now? Though it sounds impossible, that’s exactly where tech is today. Augmented reality (AR) has grown in popularity and accessibility over recent years, and is now firmly entrenched in our daily lives.

That’s equally true for marketing,  with retailers like IKEA and L’Oreal using AR apps to help customers visualize products in action for faster and easier purchase decisions. Consumers are less likely to sit on the fence about buying a product or not because they can visualize it in their homes or on themselves. The convenience and customizability of AR makes it a definite asset for any retailer, no matter what the product.


Traditional perspectives on marketing might have companies focusing on the product and potential consumers. While those are definitely foundational to a good campaign, the advent of new technology means that there’s so much more material that businesses can use. One of those is, surprisingly, location. Key to any marketing strategy is the ability to capture customers at the exact right moment in time— ideally, just as they’re poised to make a decision about buying something or not.

 That’s where location-based marketing, also called geofencing, comes in. Triadex Services are able to use device data to prompt certain responses. What this means is that once a customer with a mobile device enters a certain area, such as your store or a competitor’s. Their devices are then sent banner ads that appear on popular sites like CNN or ESPN. This ensures that they’re getting relevant ads right when they need them, making digital advertising more efficient and targeted.

Triggered Emails 

Email marketing seems like old hat, but just like hundreds of other tools, it’s only improved and gotten more sophisticated over time. In a previous article on Geek Insider, we talked about trigger email marketing and how it’s pushing companies’ marketing strategies to greater heights.

Trigger emails are emails that are sent after a customer has completed a certain action. Because they’re so tied in with individual customer behavior and are thus highly personalized, they lead to better conversions. Trigger emails have the potential to boost revenue by up to 33%— making them a huge asset for businesses everywhere.

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