Three More Artists Contract the Coronavirus

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Pray for Placido Domingo and Others

Placido Domingo is a fantastic opera star who recently announced that he is among the thousands who have contracted Coronavirus in his region. The legendary singer is 79 and sought medical help after he suffered from some of the common symptoms. He is currently taking all precautions and has gone into self isolation along with his family.

More Artists Fall Ill

Domingo boasts a prolific career that spans all over the world. At the same time another musician has come forward. Bon Jovi’s David Bryan has also tested positive. He took to Instagram on Saturday and talked about his diagnosis leading to him going into quarantine. If you search the comments you will see others encouraging him to get better soon. Bryan’s daughter also took to social media to talk about her father.

This news comes after the band is set to release a new album on May 15 2020. Bryan has also recently worked on Diana which is a musical with Joe DiPietro which was shown on Broadway.

The Bachelor’s star Colton Underwood also reported that he was suffering from coronavirus. The news came after his girlfriend Cassie Randolph kept on posting updates during the week on how her boyfriend is doing. The couple is spending their time in isolation together in California.

Randolph said that both of them are trying to focus on getting better, consume lots of vitamins and get enough rest. She also urged people to stay at home so that the virus does not spread. Cassie also talked about how Underwood had taken every single precaution including disinfecting himself every time he left the house and yet he still caught it.

Remember that Tom Hanks, Idris Elbam LA Lakers, NFL stars, and other prominent athletes, celebrities and politicians suffer from the issue. Keep SOCIAL DISTANCING!

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