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Three Days Worth of Survival Gear In One Bag

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan: a private armory for when the zombies attack, piles of canned food and bottles of water for when the riots break out, and a bomb shelter for the nuclear attack. Okay, so maybe you’re not at that level yet. Here’s something to get you started though: The Emergency 72-hour Bug Out Bag by Fox Tactical. This survival goodie-bag is stuffed to capacity with the essentials of staying alive. It’s a great thing to keep in the car or just when you want to be more than ready for your next camping trip. Here is what comes packed inside of the bag:


Emergency Food and Water

Obviously, the first rule to survival is staying well hydrated and fed. The Bug Out Bag has a variety of long-lasting foods that are high in calories and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. These foods include health bars, SOS Food Bar Packets and MRE Star Ready to Eat Meals with flameless heaters. Also included is over 72 ounces worth of water packets.


Battling the Elements

Once hunger and thirst are taken care of, your next opponent will be Mother Nature. The kit helps you battle the elements with a magnesium fire starter, poncho, emergency blanket, two pairs of disposable hand warmers, an LED flashlight with spare batteries, protective gloves and three N95 particulate respirator masks. You also get 100 feet of Gladding Paracord, a multi-purpose and durable rope.


Staying Clean

Good hygiene is also crucial in times of survival, as it reduces your risk of disease. Along with a toothbrush and toothpaste, the Bug Out Bag also has toilet paper, tissues, shampoo, eight shower-in-a-bags, 12 wet naps and two sanitary pads. It’s also important to know that if worse comes to worse, the wet naps have alcohol in them, meaning that they can be used to quickly start a fire.