These Instagram marketing trends are undervalued in 2021

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In this post, we will talk about the latest trends that dominate 2021. Keep in mind that trends are here to help you improve not only organic but paid marketing strategy. We will talk about the ways to get free Instagram likes, followers and recognition through “explore page”, reels and stories.


  1. Joint brand collaborations with influencers

Native and not so much, advertising in posts and stories of Instagram stars is still the most popular method of promotion. In this method, you can add such a technique of audience exchange as joint live broadcasts – this is what bloggers often do among themselves.

The market and role of micro-influencers on Instagram is also growing.

Increasingly, brands are turning to local influencers with small followings and good engagement. Unlike bloggers-millionaires, their communication under posts is not so spammed. In addition, the price tags are much more modest – and for some of the microbloggers, the coverage of stories is comparable to large accounts, it is enough to carefully study the statistics.

  1. Draws

In addition to brand mentions, all kinds of raffles for bloggers and celebrities remain relevant: most often these are personal giveaways and contests in the comments to posts. But the developers of Instagram in 2021 made it clear that the mechanics of giveaways with subscriptions to sponsors are officially prohibited.

  1. CPA 

The popularity of working with bloggers using the CPA model is growing. The advantage for the business in this approach is payment for specific targeted actions and the ease of fixing the results. Payment for registration by link, purchases and leads.

However, many bloggers are in no hurry to subscribe to such work, which is most likely associated with the use of all kinds of markups. If a blogger refuses to follow this model, I recommend that you carefully analyze his account and check the quality of the audience before buying an ad:

  1. Situational marketing

Reliable as a rock, situational marketing is still the favorite for free viral promotion. The versatility of the method saves any niche. The main thing to keep in mind is the potential conflict of interest and the positioning of your company. Therefore, you need to choose news feeds as carefully as possible. Situational marketing can easily turn you into a victim, this is an important thing to remember.

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