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The Willoughbys is the Animated Feature You May Need During Quarantine

Do you miss Arrested Development from its original run? Are you a fan of Pixar’s Onward? Are you looking for animated movies to watch during quarantine?

If you answered positively to any of these questions, Netflix’s The Willoughbys might just be what you need.

With quirky character design, a heartfelt storyline, and stellar execution, the latest Netflix animated feature is an underrated gem.

What is The Willoughbys About?

Released on April 22, 2020, The Willoughbys is based on a book by the same name by author Lois Lowry. 

The movie’s story revolves around the four Willoughbys siblings, who face immense neglect by their parents. With the help of their nanny, the Willoughbys set out to explore the world and come to learn more about each other through their differences and their common traits. 

At its core, The Willoughbys is a witty and incredibly smart comedy that is wrapped with colorful graphics to pass as a children’s movie. But that doesn’t diminish the complex and incredible storytelling that the movie achieves through every other frame. 

The movie is also unique in the way that it unfolds its events. From the parents’ neglect toward their children to the kids’ ill wishes towards them, everything seems out of the box yet fits right in amid the way that the story is told by the animators and director Kris Pearn.  It stars actors such as Martin Short, Terry Crews, Alessia Clara, Jane Krakowski and Maya Rudolph.

If you are looking for a hard-hitting yet memorable family movie, The Willoughbys is not something to miss out on. 

What Do Critics Think about The Willoughby’s ?

If Rotten Tomatoes gives any clue, The Willoughby’s is one film that you must see. The consensus on the site shows that it is in favor of the film with more than 90% of critics liking it.

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