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The Week in Geek Entertainment News 11/30/2018 – Links

by Emily Crews

All the important geek news from this week rounded up in one place.

Artemis Fowl teaser trailer:

A documentary is being made about the murder of a girl that inspired Twin Peaks. –Comicbook.com

Everyone is pretty sure we’re either getting four or five seasons of Stranger Things. In case you were wondering. –Comicbook.com

Robert Kirkman is working on a new show called 5 Year, which will take place 5 years before a meteor hits the Earth. –Geek Tyrant

This will make a lot of people sad:

Netflix releases Ultraman trailer:

Stargirl gets some new cast members. –Geek Girl Authority

Preacher has been renewed for a fourth season and production is taking place in Australia. –Deadline

Margaret Atwood is writing a sequel to Handmaid’s Tale. -Geek Tyrant

Look, it’s been a slow news week. PROOF.

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