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Are You Visiting the Space City In Leicester?

Are you someone who is interested in following along with different space related activities? By space related activities, we certainly mean UFO news but also events related to launches, satellite projects, and space tourism.

If you are interested in being connected to the space sector, then you’re probably interested in learning more about new areas dedicated to space research and development. More areas adding more investment into the space sector is always welcome news as it shows the need to focus on future needs.

One new area that is focusing on space related research is the city of Leicester.

Here are a few of the key points about the new development and the benefits of this new investment in the space industry.

The Key Points about the Space City in Leicester

  1. The Space City Leicester cluster has been launched in Leicester as part of the Loughborough and Leicester Science and Innovation Enterprise Zone.
  2. The cluster is expected to contribute over £600 million per year to the growing UK space industry over the next decade and should generate over 2,500 direct and indirect jobs in the area.
  3. The Space City Leicester partnership is comprised of several entities ranging from DOCK, the Leicester City Council, Leicester as well as the Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP). A few more entities are also a part of this formation, the National Space Centre, the Space Park Leicester and the University of Leicester as well. These organizations range from local government entities to larger government entities to universities and other related organizations that can have a meaningful impact on the space sector.
  4. The cluster will be home to a wide variety of future forward activity. Of course, it will have space research, production, manufacturing, and development activities. At the same time, it will also have other activities present in the area as well. These activities range from broader knowledge economic activities to cleaner technologies to have a better environment, to compelling startup companies and other firms that have a real focus on growth.
  5. The Space City Cluster will be more known over the coming months as more people hear about it at events like the MIPIM in Cannes, France and as they read about it in places like Geekinsider.

What Else Is Leicester Known For?

The city has the National Space Centre, the Leicester Cathedral, the Leicester Art and Gallery, the King Richard Visitor Centre, King Power Stadium, the GuildHall Museum, Abbey Pumping Station Museum, and Abbey Park.

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