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Have You Heard about Ghost?

Ghost is a new startup that has launched a messaging app that provides an anonymous experience for users. The app uses “Ghost Protocol,” a system that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs on the user’s device for additional privacy.

You might already be aware of zero-knowledge proofs because of the fact that it is a concept that is associated with privacy coins. For instance, coins like Matic, Zcash, Loopring, and PIVX, are known to have this concept.

The startup seeks to bring about a more compelling experience for users by prioritizing privacy and ensuring that there is a certain level of moderation. Here is what you need to know about the Ghost app.

What is the Ghost App?

The Ghost App is another messaging tool that enables individuals to exchange messages in an anonymous manner. An app like Ghost might be even more compelling in an environment like the one we are in today where individuals have fear and anxiety due to potential “cancellations”.

The app allows users to have fun by exchanging funny messages, talking about random topics, or getting to know other people without revealing their identity, as well as using ChatGPT as resources. Users can inquire directly with GPT while even having group discussions.

The app also enables users to send anonymous crushes and hidden messages.

To prevent bad behavior, the app has a moderation system that automatically deletes any anonymous message if several people report it. It will block the user’s anonymous identity in that specific setting if the same bad actor sends two anonymous messages that are flagged.

The app had over 40,000 pre-launch sign-ups and has since attracted 30,000 installs following its public launch. Ghost is also focusing on its own ChatGPT features, “Ghost Question.” The startup’s goal is to provide an anonymous experience that is enjoyable, without the usual downsides of bullying and harassment.


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