The Signature Move: How to Insert a Signature in Google Docs

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In a world where most paperwork happens over the internet, signing your name on a document can get tricky. Using a traditional pen and paper is so old school and using an image of your signature can be forgery-prone. Luckily, Google Docs offers a signature feature that will give your digital document all the credibility it needs. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to insert a signature in Google Docs so you can sign on the dotted line the right way.

Step One: Save Your Signature Image

To insert a signature in Google Docs, the first step is to have an image of your signature you’ll use. Scan your signature on a white background and save it as an image on your computer. For Mac users, you simply need to use “Paintbrush” or “Preview” to white out the signature’s background.

Step Two: Open Your Google Docs

Open your document in Google Docs. Check if you have a cursor on the line where you want your signature to appear.

Step Three: Inserting your Signature

Go to the section on your document where you want to insert a signature. Click the “Insert” button from the menu overlay. Click “Drawing” from the options, then click “New.” It opens a new drawing panel, and immediately asks you to, “Add a Line Drawing…” Paste your image of the signature into the Drawing’s panel. You can paste the image by going to the insert an image option found in the drawing menu option. Resize the signature to the size that you feel is appropriate.

Step Four: Sign As Much As You Need

When it comes time to sign your document, you can always use this method to insert your signature in your Google Docs. Your document will now bear a credible signature just like you signed it in person.

Google Docs is always getting better every day. With the signature feature, adding your signature to your digital documents has been made easier and more convenient than ever before. We hope this post has been an excellent guide on how to insert a signature in Google Docs. Next time you need to sign paperwork, save yourself the hassle of printing, signing, scanning and sending back. Just do it digitally, the Google way!

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