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The New Buzz In Home Entertainment – Live Online Escape Rooms!

An escape room itself approaches the idea of a broad immersive adventure and to top this up with the fact that it happens remotely awakens curiosity even more. Nowadays trapped in the confined area of quarantine and home office, we often find ourselves in lack of any fun activities as we are mostly restricted to enter the adventures of the outside world. As our world slowly adapts to this new way of living our everyday lives the entertainment industry is keen to keep up with the changes as well. Thanks to our continuously advancing technology, we have the possibility to bring the thrilling experience of escape rooms right at your home regardless of time and location. Escaping a tight situation, being pushed to your limits to solve puzzles and mysteries are now directly available from the comfort of your home. 

How Does It Work Exactly?

The sensation and the experience will be nearly the same as if you were physically in the escape room itself. Instead, you will have the chance to control a Game Master that is physically in the escape room and order him or her at every step. Imagine your flesh and bone avatar that moves as you command! Sounds like a sci-fi movie right?

To take part in the mysteries of the best online escape room you will need to use a device of any kind that allows you to connect via a video feed link. Online escape room games are perfect to bring together your remote friends and spice up the quarantine mood. Connect via a simple link and start your adrenaline adventure of escaping an online room today! Play in small or larger teams, join with hundreds of players and don’t miss out on this unique adventure. 

Why Are Online Escape Rooms So Popular? 

Apart from being one of the most exciting games, online escape rooms are the answer to any kind of long distance relationship. Let your friend be next door or in another country, via a simple link you can connect instantly and begin the adventure of navigating through an escape room together.

Since the worldwide pandemic outbreak, connecting with people has become a worrisome activity. The perfect and most comforting fact about online escape rooms is that they are 100% COVID-19 proof and one of the safest ways of personal contact.

The “online” fact will not withdraw any fun from the exciting impression of the escape room, since the experience is designed in a way as if you were actually there and encountering all happenings physically.

Another exciting feature that this form of entertainment has to offer is the different online escape room themes and topics to choose from. The game can easily make people an escape room enthusiastic and those who decide to wander further into these ventures will find themselves showered with options. As for a perfect example, Exit the Room offers various room choices to pick from. Perhaps it is time to practice your skills when it comes to a zombie apocalypse? Have you ever thought about dealing with a bomb or getting lost in the middle of a chaotic situation sprinkled with madness? Maybe you are more of a murder-mystery solving person or an expert in breaking out of a prison cell?

With many more topics to go with, you can even customize your online escape room experience into an exotic adventure with Japan or Aztec rooms! Dive in today into the possibilities, alert your friends and start your safe and remote adventure today!

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