The Most Practical Gift Ideas For Your Smoker Friend

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Smoking is a pretty ugly habit that, unfortunately, many people have. Nicotine addiction is very hard to get rid of, and secondhand smoke from cigarettes also bothers a lot of people. Luckily, today some alternatives can make this habit a little healthier and better for everybody, and some of them can also help your friends to quit smoking. If you have a buddy who is a smoker, some things can make their life better. Follow this article to see some practical gift ideas for your smoker friend.

What are some practical gifts for your smoker friends?

Since it is a nasty habit that is not very easy to get rid of, smoking can cause a lot of trouble. Also, a lot of non-smokers do not like to be exposed to the odor or even be around the smoke because it can also be unhealthy for them. That is why there are alternatives that can make everyone happier, including your friends who are smokers. Here are some ideas for what to buy your smoker friends.

  1. Vape cigarette

Unlike regular cigarettes, vapes work on a basis of juice filled with nicotine, and they come in different flavors that you can also smell after your smoker friend exhales. It will leave a nice odor after it is used instead of the ugly smell a cigarette leaves. Vapes can run on batteries and can be recharged after being used. However, there are also disposable vapes that are not rechargeable, but they are rather thrown out after being used. Since the vapor leaves a nicer smell, and they are healthier than cigarettes, this could be a nice and thoughtful gift to get to a smoker friend, especially if they want to save money but are not ready to quit just yet.


  1. IQOS cigarettes

Just like vapes, IQOS cigarettes are healthier alternatives to regular ones and also come with a rechargeable device that is used for smoking. However, IQOS works with nicotine filters rather than juice, and the odor can be much worse than regular cigarettes for some people. While that is true, these alternatives leave vapor that does not stick around for too long, and you will have clear air with no smoke around very soon after smoking. This is another great idea when you are not trying to force your friends to quit, but you still care about their well-being.

  1. Zippo lighters

Lighters are often lost or stolen, especially in crowded areas, and as soon as they run out of fuel you can throw them out. However, when you get your friend a fancy Zippo lighter it is less likely for them to lose it, and it can also be easily recharged with fuel that comes along with it. These metal gadgets look very fancy and cool, and there are many options with the cover. You can get a personalized message on it, or just get one that already has some picture or scripture on it that your smoker friend identifies with.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, the most practical gift ideas for your smoker friend, living

  1. Air purifiers

You probably had the experience of going to a smoker’s home and getting disgusted by the air in the place right after walking in. Unfortunately, smokers get used to that kind of air, and they do not seem to be bothered by it at all, but it is unhealthy for them. A great gift idea for them is to get an air purifier that will scoop up the smoke that comes from the cigarettes and get a much more soothing atmosphere inside of the home of your smoker friend. This will not only be felt by them, who will surely be grateful to you but to anyone visiting their home.

  1. Get them to quit smoking

The best gift for your smoker friend should be the effort to get them to quit smoking because it is a health hazard that will get them killed way sooner. This is not an easy task, but it can be done, as many people managed to do this before. First of all, you could get them something that could represent a temporary alternative because that way the transition will be way easier for them and the people around because they will be experiencing anxiety and anger among other things. This is what you can get them:


  • nicotine patches
  • nicotine gums
  • nasal sprays
  • inhalers
  • Lozenges


As you can see, many things can help your smoker friend live a little healthier life. These things will also make the time around them much more enjoyable because nobody will have to deal with secondhand smoking and other problems. Make sure to look into alternatives like vapes because they are the best things that can finally get rid of that terrible smell. In the end, you should always care for your friend’s health and try to make their life quality a little better. They will surely be thankful.

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