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The Most Popular Mobile Games and Apps

These days, there are tons of different mobile games and apps that you can download and play on your phone or tablet. If you love mobile games like so many others, you will certainly want to learn about some of the better games that are available for Android and iOS devices. These games each have something unique to offer players, which is why you will need to do your research before deciding which ones you want to get.

The Banner Saga

If you have an Android phone, The Banner Saga is definitely one of the better mobile games out there right now. This particular game was first released for the PC and it quickly became a huge hit. In this game, you will be responsible for leading a band of rowdy Vikings through a mythical land that is fraught with danger. It costs $9.99 to download, but it’s well worth the one-time expense.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The latest Hearthstone mobile game is also worth looking into. This game was released a few years ago, but it is still incredibly popular. Those who enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering will most likely enjoy playing this game quite a bit. There are a few offline components to this game, though the multiplayer duels are all online. Whether you have an Android or Apple mobile device, you will be able to get this mobile game for free, though there are in-app purchases.


Minecraft took the world by storm so it should be no surprise to see it available on mobile devices. It can be played by gamers of literally all ages and is highly attractive because of the fact that it rewards creativity. In Minecraft you can literally build anything you want. You can even build an entire city and imagine yourself as a Plumber Clayton specialist that goes from home to home to solve problems. If building is not something that interests you too much, the survival mode is for you. Minecraft is available on Google Play for $6.99 and it does include in-app purchases.

All Nintendo Games

Nintendo Games have to be mentioned as a whole since there are many and they are all rather good. The one premium game is Super Mario Run. It is a little expensive but it is a wonderful platformer. If you do not want to spend money, you can go for freemium Nintendo mobile games, like Fire Emblem Heroes. Just browse through the library of Nintendo Games and you will most likely find something that you will love.

Pokemon Go

We simply cannot talk about the best mobile games without mentioning Pokemon Go. When it first appeared, back in July 2016, literally everyone seemed to be playing it. Basically, this game quickly established itself as the very best ever, although this is debatable right now. The AR game is very simple and combines the virtual world with the real world. With frequent new features and updates, Pokemon Go still goes strong. If you love playing while walking around, go ahead and catch them all. If you want to know more games similar to Pokemon Go visit CellPhoneDeal interesting guide.

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