The Metaverse Gets Even More Investment

The metaverse is gaining much more momentum. At least it is seeing more interest from large institutional investors. We already saw the big step that Facebook is taking with rebranding and becoming the Metaverse. One large firm is stating that it will allocate a more significant portion of its funds to the Metaverse over the next decade.

The Sandbox, a blockchain-based gaming platform, is one firm that has announced that it will work with Meta. That is a significant deal for The Sandbox and Meta. It matters to The Sandbox because it helps it establish itself as a potential leading entity in the metaverse sector.

The partnership helps Meta because it can help it to set a precedent that the cool kids on the block are willing to work with Meta. In addition, it may help to attract more developers and build out their critical ecosystem of developers who contribute to the metaverse.

Meta will integrate The Sandbox, a decentralized entity, into its ecosystem. This means that after the integration, it will be open to all users on Meta. This could be an essential boon for The Sandbox as it can bring about more exposure for the blockchain entity.

“We are inspired with the potential of the technologies of blockchain games and are ready to promote their further integration into our metaverse for our users. This will let all the users get access to the virtual world of The Sandbox without additional registration and enjoy the gameplay,” stated Fabia Seidl, Director of Global Creative Development at Meta.

But that’s not all. The Sandbox is seeing even more interest from other institutional investors and companies.

The Sandbox obtains over $90 million to continue and expand operations

The Sandbox raised over $90 million to further its initiatives in the metaverse. Ninety million dollars, not doll hairs. That is a lot of investment for the virtual world. You might wonder, couldn’t wounded puppies use that investment?

As you’re pondering the puppies and the missed investment, you might think whatever happened to Joseph Kony?

Did they ever find him? Surely, one of his children might know where he is and a portion of that $90 million could have gone to that effort so we could finally see some justice there?

You might even find yourself in the camp of climate alarmists, the likes of Greta and others and say, at least some of the money could have gone there, the world is going to hell in a handbasket. If we don’t act now, it’s all over!

But the money is going to…The Sandbox. It’s done, the allocation is in, the contracts are signed, its in the books. There’s nothing they can do now, all the other causes will have to wait.

The other causes are all distractions, it seems, the real story is happening in the Metaverse, you’re just not there…..yet.

The company behind The Sandbox will use the funds presented by Softbank and other firms to add more individuals to the staff, build out virtual spaces, goods, and services. Yep, that means art festivals, initiatives, and even virtual concerts.

Heavy Hitters Participated in the Deal

A host of top-tier firms are involved in the deal from True Global Ventures to Softbank, Galaxy Interactive, and even Samsung Next. It looks like more firms are looking at the Metaverse as a big deal. They are participating in it directly or indirectly by either creating products, chips, or software that will help to expand the metaverse. Other companies like SuperWorld and Token’ have also partnered creating even more strategic partnerships in the metaverse space.

Are you ready for what the Metaverse has to offer? A growing base of investors are and so it looks like it may actually take place over the next decade.






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