The IcyBreeze Cooler is the Ultimate Chill Package for your Beverages and Your Air Conditioning Needs


The IcyBreeze cooler is a polyethylene chill package that promises one critical aspect, ice lasts inside of it for a whole week. The interior of the cooler can store up to 30 pounds of ice

Pretty cool, right? 

A product like the IcyBreeze cooler is useful for tailgating, picnicking, and other outdoor recreational activities.

What I like most about this IcyBreeze Cooler is that it cools your stuff, and it will cool you too. It acts as a regular cooler and as a portable air conditioning unit.

The container comes with cupholders and has a settings location to control your levels of air conditioning.

Let’s find out a little bit more about this intriguing piece of technology.

IcyBreeze Cooler Dimensions

First, lets’ start with the dimensions of the IcyBreeze cooler.

It measures 18.5 inches in length, 11.25 inches in width, and 11 inches in height. We also know that the exterior measures 23.5 inches in length, 16.25 inches in width, and 18.5 inches in height. The interior can hold up to 49 cans. 

Remember that the IcyBreeze founders equip the container with a 3-speed fan that blows up to 25 MPH. It also has a stay-put Flexi hose and an integrated vent.

The product comes in several sizes.

 If you are buying a size that comes with 110 volts, you will also receive a power adapter that the manufactures designs to use in US wall plugs. 

If you choose to opt for the 12 volts IcyBreeze, you will get a power supply cord plug that can fit into your car cigarette lighter. It works the same in boats and planes so that you can easily power it on the go with continuous cooling and prolonged usage. Instead of relying on battery power, you can keep charging the box. 

The Flexible Hose

The box arrives with a flexible hose, a favorite amongst customers who have to endure the summer heat outdoors. 

For The Great Outdoors

The box is excellent for people running stalls at flea markets and those who like to camp outdoors in summers. If you know you will have to be in a harsh environment for quite some time, you may want to take this along. This container is perfect for those who reside in the southern parts of the United States, such as New Mexico, Texas, and other areas where it can get scorching.

The IcyBreeze tool is also helpful when you have problems with your fridge, save your most cherished items when your fridge breaks down.

At first glance IcyBreeze looks bulky, but it has a set of wheels to aid the portability aspect of the cooler. 

Remember to stay cool with the IcyBreeze solution. It seems simple but can make a substantial difference within your world over time.

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