The History of Deadpool

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The numerous company acquisitions by Disney bring back the sexy Wade Wilson to the MCU canon. Now, Wade will be officially MCU material from his earlier depiction as one of the ragtag and sort-of members of the X-Men. The upcoming Deadpool 3 is expected to still grant the Merc with a Mouth license to his R-rated antics. 

Deadpool has become fans’ favorite mainly due to his unpredictable and irreverent character. His erratic behavior shakes things up in movies and comics, raising issues of concern to the audience. However, Deadpool wasn’t always the immortal, fast-talking, butt-whomping mercenary that he is today. Read on for a Deadpool history, including his origin, major battles, and other events throughout his life. 

Deadpool History and Origin

Wade himself seems not to remember much about his origin or his childhood. However, he’ll often describe his childhood as tormenting, claiming that his dad abandoned him at a young age, and his mom resulted in drug abuse. He was left desperate and eventually ran away from home and later joined the army when he turned 18 years. But Wade seemed to cook the story. The real story was that both Wade’s parents were still alive and lived in Canada. Deady Pool had his reasons for running away from Canada and had lost his memory when he returned years later. His memory alterations were probably due to all the maneuvering and torture he underwent throughout his adulthood. So, most of the memories you hear the Deadpool recall may not be an accurate reflection. However, he now seems to be slowly regaining his true memories. 

But to be a bit clear upfront, Deadpool is pretty an unoriginal character created by writer Fabian Nicieza. Nicieza was trying to develop a coherent script for characters and plots by artist Rob Liefeld for Marvel’s “New Mutants.” In the process, Nicieza realized that Liefeld’s depictions resembled DC Comic’s “Deathstroke.” Notably, the proposed character was also a super-agile mercenary like Deathstroke, and both had a similar appearance. For this reason, Nicieza also created a name that would align with Liefeld’s illustrations. He named the new character “Wade Wilson,” which looked like a weird copy of Deathstroke’s real name “Slade Wilson.”

Deadpool First Appearance

It was until the “New Mutants #98” that the Deadpool made his first appearance as a mercenary from nowhere. Deadpool’s primary mission was to fight a hero named Cable, Cyclops’ son, and Jean Grey’s clone. At this time, Cable was wreaking havoc and complicating every X-Men comic by introducing alternate time and time travel. However, despite the significant differences between the newly introduced Deadpool and Cable, they linked in subsequent comics. Eventually, Deadpool outgrew his villainous roots and became fans’ favorite mainly due to his signature schtick of addressing them directly. In general, fans can’t help but admire the violent antihero who’s just nuts and has much to say about other superheroes. 

Deadpool’s Major Battles.

The Deady Pool is so crazy that he isn’t afraid to take on anyone, including the superheroes. The wise-cracking Merc has even fought himself and won! Although the Regenerating Degenerate might not be the most powerful guy around, he’s undoubtedly durable, placing him on top on several occasions. 


Deadpool’s battles and killing spree across the Marvel universe became serious when he encountered the Spider-Man. Although Deady Pool had killed several characters by then, no one expected him to face Spidey, Marvel’s poster boy. Besides, both have had various crossovers teaming up for fun times. 

At one point, the two heroes got at loggerheads, and scuffles began. However, Spider-Man seemed only interested in getting the Merc to snap but not finishing him off. On the other hand, though, Deadpool hatched a different plan. He shot Spidey at point-blank, leaving Marvel’s hero dead in the streets. 


Wolverine is the guy everyone thinks of when discussing healing factors among superheroes, but things have changed with time. X-23 and Daken have also used the healing powers, but Deady Pool has arguably the most efficient of these powers. 

Most Wolverine battles rely on his powers to sustain and heal from all the injuries. However, Deadpool’s tactic to heal even faster makes him a formidable opponent for Wolverine to endure. 

Deadpool has fought against Wolverine in several instances, and the latter has faired very poorly. In fact, Logan has received classic beatings in different encounters with Deadpool. The most ruthless of all happened after Logan suffered a setback in his healing power due to Magneto ripping off the adamantium from his body. Logan was still weakened when he received a taste of his own medicine during a battle with Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth only joked about the faint Wolverine’s onslaught impaling him through the lungs and heart and leaving him for dead. 

The Avengers

After humiliating The Spidey and Logan, the Regenerating Degenerate decided to attack an even bigger fish: The Avengers. They consisted of Captain America, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Thor, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Hawkeye. Deadpool’s rampage starts with killing Ant-Man and utilizing his shrinking powers to set mini bombs all over The Avengers’ territories. 

As the Avengers meet to discuss the next step against Deadpool, their headquarter blows up, and most of them are killed instantly. Only Luke Cage and Thor survive the attack but not for long as Deadpool uses mini bombs and Ant-Man’s ability to enlarge things and crush them.


While this might be one of Deadpool’s less discussed battles, it’s sustained him over the years. This battle was mainly decided through a vote, so you made this happen if you read and voted. The battle dates back to when voters chose battle victors in DC and Marvel. This storyline employed a similar concept but only involved Marvel characters. The pretty funny encounter involved a lot of acrobatics between the two, and it was becoming clear that Deadpool was losing it. Surprisingly, Wade received enough votes to win over the Daredevil in the battle. Note that this was before Deadpool became the walking meme machine that the internet has turned him to be. 


This is probably the worst of the bunch among Deadpool’s battles against Marvel, given that he formed alliances with X-Men and has a history with them. In the battle, Deadpool dispatches all the men ruthlessly after tampering with Cyclops’ laser vision that makes him kill even his allies. Villains like Magneto remain helpless while the more resistant mutants like Daken and X-23 are stormed with flamethrowers every time their healing powers activate. Professor X attempts to correct Deadpool’s mind and end the chaos but is killed instantly, as is the case with all prominent members. 


Yes, you read that right. Deadpool had a run-in with the character he’s been parodying all that time. However, this encounter was not official but a bonus for the attention-paying readers. The character that Deadpool was battling becomes clear when you see it. In one of the numerous battles that the Merc with a Mouth has had with other alternate universe versions of himself, DC’s Deathstroke appears wearing the Deady Pool’s color scheme. Obviously, no mention of his name in this rare encounter, as that would raise several legal and copyright issues. Surely, it’s not the true crossover we have waited so long for, but it’s meant to be an encounter between Slade and Wade. Besides, it’s a fun scene where Marvel gloat that their guy has the upper hand over Deathstroke. 

Most Powerful Deadpool Nemeses

Like other Marvel heroes, Deadpool has his own set of baddies. During his mercenary missions, the Merc with a Mouth faces some of the most brutal villains in the Marvel universe but handles them more humorously. Nonetheless, Wade’s adventures are humorous, surreal, and have a serious side. Although he’s just a mercenary, he has several detractors that want him dead. 

Evil Deadpool

Just like Spidey’s evil counterparts in the form of Carnage and Green Lantern’s Sinestro, Wade has a nemesis named Evil Deadpool. Essentially, the nemesis developed from all the body parts that Wade lost in his battles before regenerating. Therefore, Evil Deadpool has similar abilities to Wade, but he’s a psychopath.


T-Ray sees himself as the real Wade Wilson and is considered Deadpool’s arch-nemesis. He considers the Regenerating Degenerate a ruthless imposter whose real name is Jack. Besides, he accuses Wade of killing his wife. In addition to being a formidable fighter, T-Ray also has a supernatural ability to utilize mystical energies. This presents a tough battle for Wade as it wouldn’t be easy to defeat T-Ray.  

Dr. Killebrew

This is the man behind Wade’s healing powers that he installed through torture and death. Deadpool would have breathed his last was it not for his healing powers. Since that encounter, Deady Pool has battled Killebrew several times and thought of killing him at some point. However, it seems that time is not yet ripe for the two to face off once and for all. 


Ajax worked under Dr. Killebrew and was involved in most of his experiments. He actively tortured most of the patients, and Wade was one of the few who stood against the Doctor’s assistant. Deadpool planned to execute Ajax and shot him several times during a later encounter, leaving him for dead. Killebrew intervened in the scene and transformed Ajax into a cyborg. Wade now seeks to destroy the latest Ajax version and all his allies. 


Being a mercenary, Wade understands that his work comes with high risks. That includes other mercenaries having him in their top list of contract hits. Deadpool has had several hits put on him in the Marvel Universe, but once, Crossbones came to collect one of those hits. This led to a mercenary vs. mercenary battle as Deadpool fought Crossbones, a member of a dreaded organization. Of course, Wade escaped the encounter, but he is still on the lookout. 

Deadpool Forming the X-Force

The “New Mutants” comic where Deadpool debuted ran to 1991 and was later replaced with X-Force. However, “X-Force” differed from “Uncanny X-Men” in that the force was more militaristic under Cable. Other strike force members included Domino, Feral, Cannonball, Warpath, Boom Boom, and Shatterstar. Marvel later retooled the book to have a black ops team comprising X-23, Wolverine, and Wolfsbane. In 2010, the book included additional Uncanny X-Force members such as Archangel, Psylocke, Deadpool, and Fantomex. This new setting probably provided the fans’ favorite incarnation of X-Force as it incorporated a more serious and darker tone. However, Deadpool was against the Cable’s mission to kill a kid with a mysterious youth and mutation. Wade was determined and gathered his mutant allies to face Cable. 

All through, Wade has remained in X-Force teams and even an Avenger at some point in the comics. However, he’s usually portrayed as a mercurial and random character who’s keeping the team leader to his toes. In 2016, Deadpool launched and took charge of this X-Men universe and came up with the “X-Force” name. The idea of having Wade as the team leader was entertaining, and we expect the X-Force spirit to preempt or complement Deadpool 3. 

News On the Upcoming Deadpool 3

With Deadpool’s third film currently in the works, there are many things that fans are eager to see on the screen. Played by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool’s rapid success created a fans’ favorite new antihero film. It’s predicted that the film should be ready by November, but nothing’s confirmed as of yet. Here are some of the storylines expected to be particularly great on the big screen. 

Deadpool Fights Zombie American Presidents

Wade never shies away from challenges as he’s used to numerous opponents in the comics. However, we expect zombie American presidents among the most remarkable opponents in the upcoming Deadpool 3 film. Wade has to battle all these zombies and kill them, something he’s good at. Fans enjoy zombie involvement in the movies, and it would be thrilling to see Wade crush them. The storyline could also educate the audience about former presidents in an action-filled way. 

Deadpool History with Spider-Man

Seeing the duo interact and tolerate each other on the big screen would be a dream come true for many fans. The source material depicts the two working together, although Spidey isn’t excited about Wade. Deadpool has no issue with Spidey and even flirts with him, although the movie would cut that part given Spider-Man’s current age in the MCU. Nonetheless, the upcoming film could still explore the duo working together, cracking jokes, and battling their enemies. 

Deadpool’s Pansexuality

The previous two films only highlight the issue lightly. Apparently, Deadpool has multiple relationships with women and guys alike, provided they fit his taste. This aspect of Wade’s character explored further in the upcoming film would bring more realism to the universe. Besides, the use of more LGBT+ representation would provide a real-world reflection.

Deadpool’s Time Travel

The use of time travel is common in MCU from the time Avengers used it to conquer Thanos. However, the time travel expected in the upcoming Deadpool 3 would be different. Wade’s last trip through time wasn’t that right as he brought dinosaurs back. Incorporating time travel in Deadpool 3 would create funny sequences and probably distinguish storylines in the film. It also means that even three storylines could merge as we expect Spider-Man to also feature in the story. 

Deadpool is still a relatable and successful Marvel superhero despite his snarky attitude. The Deadpool history tells it all, and we expect the climax in the upcoming film. Watch out for more updates as they unfold. 

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