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The Google Helpful Content Update

Google wants to provide helpful content for search engine users. The firm incentivizes publishers to do so by rewarding them with higher rankings based on relevant content and a couple of other factors.

This sitewide signal accounts for websites that may not be providing compelling or helpful content. The search engine regularly seeks to make sure that the content is not written in a way that games the system but serves the purpose of delighting search engine users. 

If you are continuously optimizing for the best user experiences, you will likely be in a better position when it comes to these helpful content updates. Website creators that can help to connect people to helpful information will have more opportunities to survive and thrive amid Google’s helpful content updates. 

Google did note that these helpful content updates could take up over two weeks to finalize.


The Google Helpful Content Rollout

If you are a website owner or publisher, you should be aware that the helpful content update initiative starts today. The initiative should continue to progress over the next few days and Google will notify the community when it is done.


Interested parties may view the search updates page for the latest status on this helpful content initiative.


Will The Mighty Algorithm Spare Your Page?

These updates matter a great deal to the publishing    community because it can disrupt rankings and have an impact on the views, engagement and earnings of the website owners. 


If you notice that you have been affected by the update, then you can look at Google’s helpful content to see how you can change your ways and be in line with the mighty algorithm.


Google will advise you to look at its holistic guidelines that focus on creating content that resonates with people and not to merely tick off boxes that can temporarily boost your rankings.


The idea is to take a deep breath and maybe sip a cup of tea and look at how your website and overall team can do better to be in line with Google’s standards.

Recovery Time Will Be A Few Months

Those who experience hits to their websites will likely have to work over the course of several months to recover from the update. The best point to keep in mind is to generate high quality content that will help users to solve their problems.


Write with humans in mind and generate value for Google users.


It can certainly be tempting to focus on search engine first content for immediate results but they may not likely last over the long-term.

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